Monday, November 1, 2010

November to Remember

I have decided I'm going to try to post something I'm thankful for each day for the month of November.  Mostly so that I can focus on my blessings instead of what is crazy in my life each day.  I really want to get to it each day so I hope I can stick with it.

Today is obviously a given-TJ.  I like him, I love him, I want some more of him.  (Tim McGraw, anyone?)  If you wanted just one reason why I love him it would be his integrity.  He continually does amazing kind and thoughtful things for others and our family and never compromises who he is.  He is the BEST dad ever, even when he gets no sleep at work and comes home to Faith for the entire day.  He packs picnic lunches for just the two of them and takes her to the park. 
This story typifies just how amazing TJ is.  When we were in high school there was this elderly lady at our church that just loved TJ.  Her daughter, not too young herself, also loved TJ.  He would do things they needed done around the house just to be kind to them, they had no male person to do things around the house, and basically just because he's amazing.  One day after work or football practice or something he was on his way home.  He drove past their house and suddenly decided he should swing by to see Goldie and Jenny.  So he turned his car around and went back to their house.  When he got there Jenny came running out of the house thanking God TJ was there. (Sound familiar? If you read this blog you'll  remember another post about people praising God for TJ.)  She told TJ that her elderly mother was in the bathtub and couldn't get out.  Okay.  At that moment I would have hightailed it outta there to avoid the inevitable situation looming.  But not TJ.  He went into the house, covered her in a sheet so she wouldn't be embarassed and carried her out of the bathtub like superman.  To this day Goldie's daughter calls TJ her moma's angel. 
He's amazing, I don't know how I scored him. And he looks ridiculously cute in bunker pants.

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