Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November to Remember- My Child

Obviously these posts are not in any particular order.  If they were my child would have been somewhere up there with TJ and not after cheddar cheese. 

I honestly don't even know how to start this post.  Let's just go back in time a bit.

When TJ and I found out that we were expecting a baby, I didn't know what to think.  Obviously, that was not the time to think if I wanted to be pregnant or not- that would have been a few weeks prior, but that's neither here nor there.  We sat on the porch of our, literally, falling-apart trailer house in my parents front yard and looked at each other thinking I thought it would take longer than that!  Notsomuch.
Once it sunk in that the same TJ and Amanda that met at 13 were going to bring a child into this world, we decided to keep it a secret from our families for as long as we could so that we could revel in the idea that we were finally going to a family.  It was the best time of our lives, but the scariest too.  I'm sure any parent would attest to that.  It probably would have been a secret for much longer, but my blabber mouth husband told some guys at the station that blabber mouthed to some girls in our youth group when I took them up to see the station.  Basically, two of our youth knew MONTHS before our families knew.
Then she was born.  A teeny, tiny little thing.  It was a dramatic birth story and that should've been my first clue she'd be a handful.  She kept us up all night- probably the real the reason I started reading and writing a blog.  I read Pioneer Woman's entire love story series at night over several weeks when she would keep me up at night. 
She is feisty-loving-smart-lippy-funny-music lover-verbal-a great spinner-loves her Papa John-cute as can be-loves outside- animal lover- buggy lover- coloring book scribbler- overall as close to perfect as you can get in a ALMOST TWO YEAR OLD! (How did that happen, by the way?)  I am thankful for all the things that make Faith who she is, even if she has traits in her that I had that drove my moma crazy.  Taking her shoes off in the car before we're even out of the addition.  Secretly grabbing food out of the cart and biting through the package like I used to do with cheese. I thankful she has traits like her daddy- shy at times, but crazy most of the time, a crazy bad dancer that makes me laugh, and amazingly sweet. 
I like her alot.  I think I'll keep her another week or so. 

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  1. <3 I remember what I was doing when TJ called and told me. Nursing my OWN baby. Who's now THREE.

    I'm going to have to walk away now, for the tears have blurred the screen,



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