Saturday, November 13, 2010

Resolution Check- November

Only 1 1/2 months left until my new set of resolutions are put into place.  I already know one or two I'm going to make, but the rest are up in the air right now.  But that doesn't matter right this second, because we are living in the present. A very bright present, I might add.  Read 'em and weap, people!

1. People over- impromptu chili night while my neice was in town last month.  Two thanksgivings at our house in two week.  Yipes!  TJ's family on Thanksgiving Day and my family on Saturday, I think.

2. Guitar- nope.  I hate to say it, but i think this one is going to have to be put in the "Not Right Now" category.  Time, money, and mommy guilt.
3. Weight- down 18 lb!  Are you fu-reaking kidding me?  I can't believe I'm actually doing it.

4. Blog- check.

5. Camera- We are going to get a point and shoot for our anniversary this month.  Thanks the Lord because I seriously am having to rely on other people to give me pictures from Halloween this year.  Bummer city.

6. Lesson Plans- check.

7. Garden- check.

8. Hair- No.  Anyone know if the barter system still works?  Your child needs a tutor and you do hair?  Let's make a deal...

9. Water and DDP- check.  (I quit drinking DDP 100% due to a killer stomach virus making its way through Norman.  But I fell off the wagon.  I still drink more water than DDP so this is a success.)

10. Decorate the House- This one was actually decorate our room, but I modified it.   Our room is about 75% where I'd like it so I feel like I need to move on.  Faith's room is about 90% done, I just need to hang some pictures.  I have vision out the wazoo for the living room, but no resources at this moment.  And the kitchen is mediocre at best.   I would call this resolution a 50% success. 

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