Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Best of the Best

TJ is the best.  The best of the best of the best. Seriously.  Sometimes I lose sight of that and think he's just a regular guy, but nope, he's not.  I know this is so small of a thing, but it made me realize, once again, how great he is.
I have poison ivy on my arm and I was searching for something to wrap around my arm last night so that it wouldn't get it on TJ or lay on my arm and get it on my face during the night.  I "searched everywhere" for the stuff, but couldn't find it.  He went immediately and found it (right where he said it was, oops) and came and knelt in front of the chair I was in.  I thought I was going to get an "I told ya so!" but he gently took my arm and wrapped it in gauze and taped it up so that it wouldn't come off.  He was so kind and gentle and sweet and for a second, I got to see what an amazing gift he is to people he comes into contact with at work.  I can just imagine how compassionate and gentle he is with elderly people who truly need assistance.  Or how a mother could find comfort in knowing that my husband was taking care of her baby when she didn't know how to help them.  I can honestly say that I would've plopped the gauze in his lap, rolled my eyes, and kept on about my day if the tables had been turned.  Instead, he lavished love on me by doing something as simple as taping up my itchy arm.
I just love that guy. He is the best. of the best. of the best.