Friday, July 29, 2011

One Small Request

Life is eating my lunch.  If one of you could kindly tell it to stop and it obeys, I'll make you chocolate chip cookies. And maybe I could blog again.  That would be fun.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In My Place

Just a warning, this is going to embarass me.  And you might think I'm gross.  But hopefully you'll laugh.

Yesterday we didn't do a dang thang around here.  We stayed home all day and hit the housework hard and heavy.  I stayed in the same shorts and t-shirt I slept in therefore I didn't put a bra on.  Yep, that's right. Reread it just to make sure; I went au naturale all day.    I even mentioned to TJ how much I love summer because I could go all day without a bra!  He looked at my like I was a crazy lady.

Today we hung out with friends and so naturally, I wore a bra.  (I'm not an animal, people!)  Tonight Faith was sitting on my lap, and with the most perplexed look said, and I quote: "Hey!  Why are these up today?"   Say whaaa?  Then she said, and I quote AGAIN: "What are these, bongos?"  When she started actually playing MY BONGOS  I couldn't help it. I busted out laughing. 

So I've officially been put in my place.  By a two year old little girl.  Never shall I go without a bra all day again, never.  It was too damaging to my ego.  And my bongos.

Monday, July 11, 2011

3 Distinct Feelings

My good friend Amanda just made me have three very distinct feelings- pride, jealousy, and motivation. I am so proud of her, definitely jealous of her, and totally motivated to feel like she feels one day. 

Game Changer

Last night at church I got more than I bargained for.  I expected to hear a message and apply something, but whoa- it was a game changer.  I wish I was eloquent enough to recap it, but I'm not.   So listen to this.  Seriously, take the time to listen to this.  I'm changed.

Knowing God- Phil Rice