Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Emergency Response Team

This week has been a little crazy. I thought Friday would be a breeze, but then it brought more unpleasant news.  I was seriously tearing up all day thinking about the unknown and what was to come.  I don't like change. And boy, is it coming.

I just wanted to talk to TJ to lament my problems, but our phones were going in and out and we decided just to talk later.  I texted him and he said, "We'll talk later.  I have some ideas..."  When we finally stopped playing phone and text tag, I was ready to break down and bawl about everything.  Of course, he had a lot of plans of how to fix things, but that's not what made me feel better.  By the time we finished our conversation, I had a greater outlook on things.  I went from being scared and upset to feeling confident in my abilities to help bring change about and be a positive force instead of a negative one.

It wasn't that one of his plans was the answer.  In fact, I didn't agree with any of them.  I was just talking through what my future would look like and as I did it opened me to the good possibilities instead of all the negatives of the unknown.  Just as the Bible says "Bad company corrupts good character," I believe the converse is true.  I believe that good company helps create better character.  Or in my case, stellar husbands help create better wives.

Even crazier, he even gave me MORE bad news while we were on the phone, but it was overshadowed by the fact that I had hope for the future instead of unknown uncertainty.

I'm so thankful he's my emergency response team.

Friday, April 26, 2013


Tonight as we were driving to gymnastics Faith started telling me about her plans for cleaning up the litter on the highway we live on.  It involved getting out there and cleaning up all the yucky stuff with gloves because "you know its covered in throw up and sickness."  Ha ha!  I told her okay and then super seriously she said, "Mom, I just want to do it for God."
Okay, point taken.  You're serious, I get it, kid.
I told her that we could make a plan to pick up litter soon and went on. The entire 20 minute drive she kept watching out her window, pointing out good places that we needed to clean up.  Finally, she said, "That's what I want to be when I grow up. Someone who cleans up the earth.  And mom?"  "Yes, Faith?"  "I want to start RIGHT NOW!"
So tomorrow morning we will be cleaning up the highway in front of our addition.
My little world changer is growing up.