Sunday, August 26, 2012

Holy Third Trimester, Batman!

Back pain so bad at times I cannot roll out of bed.  And have to get a family member to come get Faith so I could writhe in pain all by myself.

Sometimes my feet hurt so bad I literally would rather pee my pants than walk to the bathroom. 

Rib pain so intense I actually considered going to the hospital.

Emotions running so high I think my tears have tears.

Welcome to third trimester meets the beginning of school.  

But we will overcome.  And make it the 7 or fewer (dear Lord, please not more) weeks until our little guy gets here.  

Thank God, though:
- that all my emotional breakdowns have been at home and not at my workplace.  
- that the people at Crocs have never heard how much I badmouth them because I fully intend on buying a pair of their flip flops this week. 
- that my students didn't see me when I tripped on thin air and went down on all fours on the first day of school.
- that I finally found a pair a maternity work pants that fit me (and bought three pair.) And thank God that they had more because I tore a hole in one of them on the first day of school in the aforementioned fall.
- that in 7 weeks (or fewer, please Jesus) I will forget how hard these last few weeks were and we will be an official family of 4. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Low Down

Well, I had a nice post all typed out and then Blogger decided it was going to act up.  So I'll start at the very beginning... a very good place to start...

This summer has been a whirlwind.  We have been blessed in so many ways.   TJ worked with my dad (he does every summer) and we were able to go on an amazing family vacation before our little guy arrives this fall.  We had initially planned to save the money for our 10 year anniversary trip in November, but since we will have a newborn that really wasn't going to work out.  And now I'm thankful it didn't because Faith wouldn't have gotten to go with us and she had an absolute blast.  I always forgot just how beautiful Colorado is.  It also makes me wonder why we live in a state that has high temperatures of 113 when just a few states away they're enjoying 70s.

The Little Guy is growing and developing wonderfully.  This pregnancy has been a lot rougher than my pregnancy with Faith.  I have so many different kinds of aches and pains and I have officially gained as much as I did with Faith and I have 2 more months to go.  I've decided to quit whining about it and just LET. IT. GO.  I say that and I'll walk out of my appointment this week complaining because of the scales.  Its just so hard for me to let go of the scales when the go up when my whole life I've wanted them to go down.  I also found out that I'm slightly anemic so I'm taking iron supplements.  I honestly didn't believe people when they said that each pregnancy was completely different, but now I know they're weren't just pulling my leg.

I start back to work this coming week.  I am nervous.  My entire team has changed.  One of my teammates gets to stay home with her baby, another one got a job as a librarian, and the last one got a job at the school where she went to kindergarten and is actually teaching with her kindergarten teacher. I am so excited for them, but I'm a little sad for myself.  My new team is great too- I've taught with two of them before and the third is a veteran teacher who works so hard.  I just think its going to be hard for me to adjust to not having my best friends next door.    I will be at work until the beginning of October and then will be off for the Little Guy's arrival until probably the beginning of December.

Faith is still very excited about being a big sister.  She loves babies and if there is one around, you can bet she is down on the floor playing with it (probably too close for comfort.)  She had definitely become more of her own person and has definite likes and dislikes.  She HATES shorts and will ONLY WEAR DRESSES.  She will freak out if you even try to get her to wear shorts under her dress so you can't see her panties.  She eats one of two things for breakfast every morning- oatmeal or fruit, granola, and yogurt parfait.  She loves the show Good Luck Charlie, which I think contributes to her sassy attitude and I wish would go off the air because I can't seem to get her un-hooked.  She is going through quite a stage right now and I'm convinced that she will snap out of soon or you might find me in a corner rocking myself.  How a 3-year-old little girl can manipulate to the extent she does is beyond me.  I'd like to think that I'm using this time as a learning time and that God is molding me into a better parent daily, but most days I end of yelling or crying or feeling like a failure (or a mixture of the three.)

TJ is continuing his SCUBA certification in hopes of being a rescue diver for the fire department and is starting to study to take the Sergeant's Test this fall.

That's the low down for now.