Sunday, August 26, 2012

Holy Third Trimester, Batman!

Back pain so bad at times I cannot roll out of bed.  And have to get a family member to come get Faith so I could writhe in pain all by myself.

Sometimes my feet hurt so bad I literally would rather pee my pants than walk to the bathroom. 

Rib pain so intense I actually considered going to the hospital.

Emotions running so high I think my tears have tears.

Welcome to third trimester meets the beginning of school.  

But we will overcome.  And make it the 7 or fewer (dear Lord, please not more) weeks until our little guy gets here.  

Thank God, though:
- that all my emotional breakdowns have been at home and not at my workplace.  
- that the people at Crocs have never heard how much I badmouth them because I fully intend on buying a pair of their flip flops this week. 
- that my students didn't see me when I tripped on thin air and went down on all fours on the first day of school.
- that I finally found a pair a maternity work pants that fit me (and bought three pair.) And thank God that they had more because I tore a hole in one of them on the first day of school in the aforementioned fall.
- that in 7 weeks (or fewer, please Jesus) I will forget how hard these last few weeks were and we will be an official family of 4. 

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