Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rewind/Fast Forward

Since my last post was in, uh..., August or September, I think I should get everyone (ya know, all 5 of you) up to speed.

I had a baby.  I could write a zillion blog posts on the 12 hours of labor from start to finish, but I'll make it short and sweet- two weeks early, water broke in public (AGAIN!!!), go to hospital, doctor on call is crap, wait 11 hours, get pitocin, get too much pitocin too quickly, want to die, doctor is MIA, nurse delivers baby, he is perfect, all is well in the world. He is gloriously wonderful.  His name is Silas Ray.  I'll do a name post sometime soon so you don't think we named him after the Duck Dynasty guy.

Faith got so sick the week we brought Silas home.  It was horribly horrible.  A virus so it just had to run it's horribly horrible course. I couldn't hold her for almost a week. TJ couldn't hold Silas for almost a week.  See? Horribly horrible.

Faith adjusted (or didn't) to our new normal.  Still working on that one.

TJ was off for a month.  It was glorious.  And felt too long and too short at the same time.

I took a 10 WEEK maternity leave.  It was so needed and so nice to be able to really get to be home for a longer chunk of time. With Faith I only had 6 weeks so I was back at work a month earlier than this time.  I am so thankful for that extra month.

I've been back to work 9 days and now we are on break.  My sub did a great job and the parents were very kind to let me have my time at home.  So thankful.

I turned 31 and had THE. BEST. birthday celebration with my best friend, Corrie.

In all, 2012 was great.  God brought me through miscarriage to the birth of Si, he taught me more about His love, and I am gaining more clarity each day about how He wants me to show His love to the people and world around me.  We got to spend time with each other on a stellar vacation to Colorado and Faith got to see her great grandma in New Mexico one last time before she passed away this fall. 2012 also taught me that many things in life are more work than I thought and that there are areas of my life that need MORE WORK than I'm giving them.  Relationships, being thankful, parenting, and giving to others are ones that come to the forefront of my mind.  I pray that at the end of 2013 I can say that those things are victories and that I will have moved on to other areas that need work.

Last year I made no resolutions because I needed to just breathe. I had ideas of what I wanted to do, but because I didn't draw a line in the sand, I either forgot about them or just didn't care to follow through.  This year there are a million things I want to work on.  Housey things, family things, spiritual things, weighty (or baby weight loss-y) things. I saw this cute resolution idea so I'm going to follow it.  
2- 2 new goals I have for the year
0- something I'd like to stop doing
1- 1 new place I'd like to go
3- 3 new things I'd like to learn

It is really making me think about what's most important to me this year instead of citing a ton of things I don't really care that much about. So I am hashing through my resolutions right now and I better hurry because tomorrow is New Year's Eve.

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