Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In My Place

Just a warning, this is going to embarass me.  And you might think I'm gross.  But hopefully you'll laugh.

Yesterday we didn't do a dang thang around here.  We stayed home all day and hit the housework hard and heavy.  I stayed in the same shorts and t-shirt I slept in therefore I didn't put a bra on.  Yep, that's right. Reread it just to make sure; I went au naturale all day.    I even mentioned to TJ how much I love summer because I could go all day without a bra!  He looked at my like I was a crazy lady.

Today we hung out with friends and so naturally, I wore a bra.  (I'm not an animal, people!)  Tonight Faith was sitting on my lap, and with the most perplexed look said, and I quote: "Hey!  Why are these up today?"   Say whaaa?  Then she said, and I quote AGAIN: "What are these, bongos?"  When she started actually playing MY BONGOS  I couldn't help it. I busted out laughing. 

So I've officially been put in my place.  By a two year old little girl.  Never shall I go without a bra all day again, never.  It was too damaging to my ego.  And my bongos.


  1. I hope she knows all that your bongos went through for her! lol

  2. Love it! She must remeber them as special.


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