Friday, November 5, 2010

November to Remember- My Moma

First of all, just let me say I know most of you spell moma "m-a-m-a."  I would say 1)you're spelling it wrong and 2)if you've heard me say it, you know I'm spelling it correctly.  I don't say mama, I say moma.

My moma is amazing.  She has raised 6 children with consistent love and honesty.  My mom does not beat around the bush.  She doesn't hold in her opinion.  And even though we range in age from 28 to 42 she always is truthful with us about our lives.  At times it can be hard to hear such blunt honesty, but its probably the most pure form of love I've ever been given.  I still get in trouble for sassing, I still think she'd smack me if I really needed it, and she has taught me how to be a mom to Faith. 
Speaking of that, another reason I'm so thankful for her is that she watches Faith when we're at work. Or want to go out on a date. Or have d-group. Or want to go scouting for hunting season. (Whatever that is.) Or want to go to Sonic without a child yelling "french fries" at the carhop. She does things exactly like we do with Faith, the only exception being she makes Faith amazing breakfast meals with REAL butter and syrup because she thinks we rip her off.  She does my dishes while I'm at work, is patient enough to let Faith sit on her lap while she's sewing, and made Faith not one, but two Halloween costumes FROM SCRATCH SANS PATTERN because I changed my mind a week before Halloween.

My mom never really yelled at us, she whispered at us.  If we got a whisper we knew we were in big trouble.  She also could put us in our place by simply placing her pointer finger on our arm with gentle ease.  She didn't apply pressure at all, and just putting it there still gives me the chills.  She took a gaggle of us grocery shopping EVERY SATURDAY my whole life. I've watched my mom drop everything to run to any, and all, of us at the ring of the phone.  I don't even know if I should write this, but my mom will sometimes stay up all night praying for one, two, or all of us.  She's given us every dime of her money, every minute of her day, and every ounce of who she is to make us who we are. 
I am grateful, thankful, and blessed to be one of the few Perkins-Luckinbill-VanRosendale-Wallace-Jernigan-White-Aragon family members that gets to call Hope Perkins "moma."

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