Saturday, November 13, 2010

November to Remember- Date Nights

TJ and I have a weird life schedule.  Our life rotates in 24 hour shifts-weekends in the middle of the week for TJ, I have breaks off with TJ working holidays often, finding babysitters for an hour or so when I leave for work until he comes home, the list goes on.  I will have to say that this part of our lives has been the hardest to get used to since we had Faith.  Before Sis, I would work until 7 or 8 at night sometimes when TJ was working, it just made sense, and my hard work paid off in my classroom.  He would spend his off days resting, hobbying, and cleaning the house.  Our weekends, whenever they fell due to TJ's schedule, would be free to hop in the car and go wherever the wind took us.  (Not that the wind took us very far, but it could if we had wanted it to.)   Its not that I miss life without Faith, it's mostly that I just miss rest and quality time with my husband.  TJ now comes home from sleepless nights to corral a little girl who, I swear, NEVER sits down except to eat and watch Movers.  I rush home from work on days he's working because my mom has been here since 6:30AM and leave ASAP on days he's home to give him a break and hopefully get a little family time in.  Our weekends are full of laundry, dishes, and un-fun life stuff.  And when we're both home and could actually get a sitter and go out, we feel guilty for leaving Faith with someone AGAIN so we stay home.
TJ decided last week we needed Netflix.  I'm still not sure if that's the case, but alas, we received our first DVD in the mail.  We sat down after Faith went to sleep last night to watch our movie.  I made the comment to TJ that it was pitiful that at 8 o'clock we were in our pajamas, watching a movie as our first date in a month.  The movie started- Date Night.  And lo and behold, the premise of the movie was our life.  Two busy, normal people who want a little more than the normalcy of day to day life with family.  Art imitating life, isn't that what it's called?
It made me thankful for the times when the planets and stars align and we spend time together- just me and my best friend.  It doesn't happen often, but when it does I love it. 

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  1. oh! we watched that movie in our bum clothes on a friday afternoon while birdie was sleeping and beatle was at school. you take whatever date you can get. it was a sweet movie that made us appreciate our circumstances (trying to cram a date into a friday afternoon) much more.


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