Saturday, October 23, 2010

Just in case I forget next week...

Faith is fast approaching two years old.  And she is a tad fiesty.  She's full of vinegar, as my Papa Pete would have said.  She wears me slick most days, but I have to tell you these sweet stories in case you see her sometime soon and think I have failed in the parenting department. 

All three of us were laying in her bed a few nights ago.  I read the books and TJ prayed with us.  After we prayed Faith said, "I pray."  She put her little hands together, closed her eyes, and started mumbling something.  TJ and I were looking at each other because we couldn't believe she was "praying."  Then as clear as day she said dada.  We looked down and she was still just praying away.  She wasn't "praying."  She was praying, for real.  Of course, we both teared up that she was choosing to pray and was praying for her daddy.  I can just imagine God listening so intently, knowing exactly what all those little mumbles were. 

Last week was a long, crazy week.  TJ was incredibly busy and we ended up seeing very little of him.  Faith woke up Saturday morning imploring me to "find daddy."  Thankfully, TJ's station is amazing about family being there and are super nice to us so I called TJ and told him I would be finding him sometime that day.  On the drive up Faith was incredibly needy.  She wanted a snack, she didn't want a snack, she wanted a drink, wait, not so much.  She called for her "padi," but turned her nose up to it when I finally dug backwards to find it driving 70 up I-35.  She wanted music, but not anything on CD, my iPhone, or the radio.  I finally got all of her little needs met and fell back into driving mode.  It was quiet in the car then a little voice said "Thanks, mom."  I just about died.  It was an honest thank you from her. 

So, please remember when you see us anytime soon that we are in fact raising a sweet girl that is polite and is learning great things, and that sometimes she's just full of vinegar.

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