Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Moo-mers, Moma. Moo-mers."

Everyday, at least 5 times, I heard "Moo-mers, moma, moo-mers."  And I have been feeling almost embarassed that Faith likes a certain show.  The show is... Imagination Movers.  Grown men, singing and dancing, together.  A lot of people think that's creepy. But you know what- they're ACTUAL MUSICIANS, they're acting isn't deplorable, and their motto is positive.  So we watch Moo-mers.  Alot. No, a little.  No, a sizable amount of moo-mers comes across our screen.  There. I said it. 
Basically the premise of the show is these 4 guys job is to help solve people's problems. Being that Faith isn't even 2 yet, I was skeptical that she even knew what was going on, but when she watches it, she will come up to us and tell us the problem.  For instance, "baby cying" or "foot guck (stuck)."  Yes, that had me a little intrigued, but then she started coming up with solutions for the problems.  (Genius, I know.  She gets it from her dad.)  She actually walked up to the tv when the baby was crying with her cup and said "Wanna gink?", "Hungy?", and "Seepy?" during the show.  Okay, something in my mind tells me this show is headed in the right direction. 

But today, TODAY, I was looking for their tour dates (remember, a they're musicians) for this year and found an interview with them.  And now I unashamedly say I LOVE THE IMAGINATION MOVERS!  First of all, they were in real clothes, not their jumpsuits.  That was my first thumbs up.  I loathe when you see people interviewed in their costumes.  Secondly, they're educated men that were approached about what they were already doing, not a group of teens they found at a casting call to meet some specific lists for a show someone wanted to put together.  And best of all, the quote: "We want to challenge, not pacify, our audience."  I am swooning.  I may take that on as my motto for my classroom. Seriously, I might steal it.

So go watch some Imagination Movers!  And Imagination Movers, if you're reading this: we would LOVE to meet you.  Seriously.  I would probably kiss one or all of you.  Not that that's going to sell you on the deal, I'm just saying. 

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