Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So I married an axe murderer, I mean, angel!

Wednesday is TJ's birthday!  He'll be at the firestation, but I'm going to take him brownies because I love him.  And because apparently its embarassing when your wife brings something for your birthday and I want to embarass him oh so badly.  I really do like him.  I just have a funny way of showing it. 
If you're around anyone in TJ's family for more than 5 minutes you'll hear someone say "TJ's just special."  Honestly, somedays TJ's sister and I just look at each other and roll our eyes and then somedays I think Yep, and he's all mine, sucka!  Let me be mushy for a second and tell you this super-sweet story about why "TJ's just special." 
My little nephew had spent the night with us Dec. 23 and was spending all of Christmas Eve with us until his moma got off work.  We spent the entire day making cookies for Santa and watching Christmas movies.  As the afternoon approached and we realized that my sister wouldn't be able to pick him up because of the crazy weather, we started to panic.  After we talked to her and she said no one was coming to relieve her from work we really started to panic.   How would he get home for Christmas?  No presents.  No stocking.  Honestly, I was freaking out a little.  TJ and I both knew that TJ was going to have to drive him home.  In a blizzard.  On Christmas Eve.  So we prayed together, packed up the truck with blankets and my nephew's cookies for Santa and sent them on their way.  I had resolved just to pray the entire time until TJ got back.  Faith was playing in the floor and I honestly was just praying outloud that God would keep TJ and my nephew safe.  Then God gave me this picture of his love and care over us.  God showed me TJ's truck and two hands on either side of it.  The truck would slip and slide a little, but the hands would always keep it steady.  I was immediately comforted.  So comforted that I felt like God was just like "Amanda, you watch Faith and I'll watch TJ."  Just like that I was relieved and went on about the evening. 
TJ got my nephew to the store my sister's boyfriend manages to find an elderly man we used to go to church with stranded.  The man had gotten off of work at 10 o'clock that morning from Wal-Mart and still wasn't home at 6pm that night.  A 20 minute trip that turned into 8 hours!  He asked TJ to take him home.  TJ said he thought, I got here on a prayer anyway, why wouldn't I? and loaded up the man in the truck with his groceries.   When TJ got about a quarter mile from the man's house he couldn't go any further in the truck.  So he walked the man to his front door carrying his groceries.  In snow up past TJ's knees.  When he got to the family's house the wife opened the door and starting praising God for bringing him home on Christmas Eve safely.  She had had no idea where he had been.  She, without knowing it was him, grabbed TJ's face and just started kissing him all over the face.  She stopped long enough to pull off his hood and hat TJ told her who it was and and then just started crying and praising God more for "sending an angel" to bring her husband home safely.
I know my husband's not really an angel, but I am so thankful he listens so intently to God.  On Dec. 23rd we bought new tires for the truck.  It was absolutely unplanned.  We talked about it for about 5 minutes and were on our way there.  Usually that would NEVER happen in the Aragon house.  We contemplate, mull over, do the math, and argue for weeks before we do anything.  Now we know that was God preparing TJ for that dangerous drive.  (God's provision is so good and kind.)  TJ didn't think twice when I asked him to risk life and limb so my nephew could be home for Christmas.  And when he had already gone the extra mile, he went another when a sweet, sweet man needed a ride home.
Guys, I love him.  He's good stuff.  And he's all mine, sucka!
Happy Birthday! I love you 8!


  1. I love you guys.

    And I especially love this "and he's all mine, Sucka!".

    TJ is a great man of God. He's also a great uncle too ;)

  2. You big mush ball! I'm tearing up here...it doesn't take much, but you really got me. I will smile extra big when I see him again, and you'll know why...


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