Friday, January 8, 2010

Resolution #5- The Dreaded Camera

When I use my camera I feel like Kate Gosselin back in the day.  Remember before things got crazy and she had that weird camera she hated?  If you don't remember, well, I just don't know how we can be friends.  No matter what you say, I'll always love that show.  So there.
The sole problem with getting another camera is that I CHOSE the camera I have no now.  I begged for that camera, and the lens I got with it.  Granted  I knew, and know, NOTHING about cameras and it was just the best one in my price range that went with the camera dock I have.  It may be an okay camera- I know little about the settings it has although I've had it for three or four years.  All I DO know is by the time it takes the dern picture Faith is long gone.  And it irks me, people, it irks me good.  And I don't have time to be irked.  I'm a busy lady, you know.
I don't have a jillionty dollars to spend on a camera.  If I did I'd go to photography school and beg HolliB* to hire me as a servant girl, but I would save for one if I knew I wouldn't have to buy another one for a long while.  Any suggestions?
*  She's marvelous.  She's talented.  She's marvelous and talented.  Look her up...  you'll love her.  If you don't, I'll give you a jillionty dollars.

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  1. I love j&k+8! Did you see that Kate got her hair did? Also-HolliB is amazing. I blog stalk her too.

    My mom just got a new camera for Christmas. It is really fast on the draw. It is a Canon Powershot sx120 is. 10x zoom, 10.0 meg pixels, and a lovely large screen. It is easy to use and average size. I want to steal it from her. Buy it.


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