Tuesday, January 26, 2010

For Better or For Worse

I've been married to the delectable TJ Aragon for some time now.  7 years, 2 months, and 2 days to be exact.  I have know my husband since before he could drive, when he still had a bowl cut, before he had chest hair, for heaven's sake.  He does have chest hair now, and I completely hate it.  Yuck-ola! And most days, we are kind, caring, and loving to one another.  We really like each other.  But sometimes, there are the "for worse" days.  Those days when, well, one of us isn't exactly at our best.  And you just have to love the other "for better or for worse."
I have been on a "for worse" stint for quite some time now.  If you are friends with me on Facebook, you've seen the rumblings that occured over the weekend.  And last night, I was finished.  Finished, put a fork in me, done.  Families, friends, work,  but also frusturated because I couldn't pinpoint an exact thing that was making me feel that way to "fix." So I asked my fix-it man what to do.  I'm sure he thought it was one of those "does this make me look fat" trick questions, so he didn't divulge much information.
When we went to bed, I broke down.  Crying the "make your face ugly" cry.  I was so stressed and I knew that today TJ was going to be at work and I wouldn't get the chance to get it all out, get a hug and a kiss from him.  TJ tried to make me feel better by saying kind, inspirational kind of things.  Then he did it....  I was laying there waiting for him to say something wonderful and...... SNORE!  He was snoring!  Fell smack dab asleep in the middle of my breakdown.  How dare he?  I was astonished, shocked, and outraged, people!  So outraged I just rolled right over and went to sleep myself.  I thought about waking him up with a good ole fashioned kick hug, but I figure if he can love me through my "for worse" week, I'll cut him some slack.
Just don't make a habit out of it, sir.  Or you will pay dearly.

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