Friday, January 22, 2010


Guys, I'm laying it out on the line for you wonderful people.  Here's the real deal, for better or worse.  The only way it could get more real is if I gave you my weight.  And I will never, not ever, EVER say that number aloud to anyone. (Except Nellie.)

1. Invite someone over to the house, at least once a month. This may seem silly, but a huge step for me.
UPDATE: We had Emma over last week for pizza.  And she brought us cheese from her vacation.  And I love her for it. 

2. Start playing guitar again.
UPDATE: Nada.  Where does the time go?

3. Lose weight. I'm not saying how much, don't let your mind wander too much, though.
UPDATE: 4 pounds.  Not enough, but better than 1 or 2.

4. Start a blog.
UPDATE: Last week was slow, I was sick.

5. Get a camera that doesn't make me cuss everytime I pick it up. (Maybe stop cussing should be in here somewhere. Just kidding, I'm an angel.)
UPDATE:  Before I buy a new one, I thought about begging someone to give me a quick lesson on mine if they can figure it out.  I H.A.T.E. spending money.

6. Complete lesson plans weekly. Its really a necessity, really.
UPDATE: It's going.

7. Grow a garden. Ya know, veggies for the fam?
UPDATE: Starting with an herb garden.  Printed off some materials from the Cleveland County Extension about what grows best here.

8. Be consistent with getting my hair did. It makes me feel better, and dangit, I'm worth it.
UPDATE: Nada.  Hafta wait til payday.

9. More water, less Happy Hour DDP.
UPDATE: My ounce for ounce plan is going so great!  I've actually been gulping about 32 oz. right before bed time and plan to start doing it right when I get up too.  Once my drink is gone at work, I start on the water bottle.  I'm proud of myself, y'all.

10. Decorate our bedroom. Its supposed to be cozy and romantic, right? Right now there isn't a dang thing on the walls and its a downer. And we all know how I hate downers.
UPDATE: I have a few options in mind, but I lack the ability to decide.  (I see a future post in order.)

So there you have it, folks.  Resolution check.

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  1. Yay for number one!!! I'm glad you liked your cheese! Love you guys!


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