Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to the Real World

Going back to work was hard.  Really hard.  Can't sleep hard.  In tears hard.  Harder that going back after maternity leave hard.  Of course, I still like my job, its just that I REALLY love this little girl that throws food over her high chair and tries to kiss the dog.  Now she, she's really something else.  So I drug my butt out of bed this morning and high-tailed it to school.  And it wasn't that bad, it was actually good;  but it also wasn't the little girl that lives with me. 
#3- I joined "The Biggest Loser" today at work.  And ya know what, by looking at the weight chart, I am almost the actual biggest loser.  Sucks.
#4- Blog is going well. 
#6- The lesson plans are in the works- I created a new template today during plan time that I think will be better.
#9- It would just be so much easier if Diet Dr. Pepper wasn't so dang heavenly.  I love the stuff.  So for now, I've decided to work on the more water part.  For every oz. of DDP I drink, I have to drink that much water.  It must be working because last night TJ threw a toy at my stomach and it sounded like it hit a water balloon.  Don't judge me.
#10- The bedroom debacle- we're working on it.  I just refuse to buy almost anything full price.  I like to save money- I'm just crazy like that.  We'll see what the future holds. 

In other news, the little one is officially a walker.  She still crawls, but is walking ALOT.  Also, we brought O'Ryan back to our house after an extended stay with TJ's parents.  We didn't have a fence when we moved in (we still don't by the way) but we wanted him back so badly.  The little one loves him.  She tries to kiss him and hug him just about every time she can catch.   Luckily he's a pretty quick mini schnauzer so the two don't actually meet that often. 

Eventually I'm going to talk TJ into posting pictures... he's gotta bend at some point!

Happy Dday~ Amanda

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  1. Yay! You got your doggie back! I'm so glad he is so good with baby girl!

    And, yay for walking!


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