Friday, January 15, 2010


My heart is so heavy.  Last night I was bawling watching the news about Haiti.  My heart is breaking for the Haitians.  They are already at their breaking point on a daily basis.  The poverty in that country is the worst in our hemisphere.  The orphans... there are so many.  My and TJ's desire is to someday adopt a little one from there so you can imagine how you would feel if every child whose parent died in the earthquake you feel could someday potentially be your own.  There will be so many orphans, and maybe worse so many little ones die because of the lack of help for their needs.  You may or may not know this, but we have family friends who have an adoption home in Port au Paix, Haiti.  Thankfully their adoption home and school were structurally unharmed since they weren't at the epicenter of the earthquake.  They are now trying to minister to the influx of refugees that are hungry/tired/injured and are leaving Port au Prince. 
If you haven't given to the aid effort, PLEASE DO!  If you are worried about it going to the right place, I was too.  You can go to Globe International ( and specify the Lashbrook Family Ministry and then the earthquake relief when prompted.  You can trust each penny will be used to minister to people's physical needs. 
And please, please pray for Keith and Cindy Lashbrook and the wonderful team at Lashbrook Family Ministries- Pastor Andy and his wife, Solange, the children at the children's homes who will see so much devastation.  They are going to need lifted up constantly as they pour themselves out to others.

Much love,

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