Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Too old...

TJ and I went up to Tulsa this past weekend for the Eric Church and Jason Aldean concert.  We knew we might be too old for the crowd when:

- I wore sensible boots instead of stilettos.
- I wasn't updating my FB status with every song Eric Church or Jason Aldean sang.
- No one in my group was drunk.
- There were times when I wanted to take the young girl in front of us and counsel her like a youth at church camp.
- I passed up the mixed drink line because it was too long and too overcome with cackling girls.
- I swear I saw the dad, but not the old dad, from Pawn Stars.
- My husband threatened to kill the DJ with his 308 because he kept putting beats over Johnny Cash songs between bands.
- I didn't take my own beer to the bar like 2/3 of the patrons.
- At one point, I sat down.
- When we left the concert we had no idea where the "cool place" to go was. 
- My husband went down to the lobby and came back to report "it looked like Sodom down there."

We had a great time, really.  Eric Church was a blast to watch, so hott in his glasses and hat, and is super country like us.  Jason Aldean is a crowd pleaser perfect for a Okie crowd and sang Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi and killed it.  The opening act- a duo called the Janedear Girls- well, they were an opening act.  And left me wishing my girlfriends and I were a size 2 because we could have AT LEAST done as good as they did.  I'm just sayin'.

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  1. BR and I got a big kick out of the "it looked like Sodom down there" line! perfect! could hear TJ in every syllable of that one.


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