Thursday, February 3, 2011

Somewhere Between Roadkill and Anthro

I would say that my style has been lost in the day to day of my life.  Point and case- my mantle.  I had this super cute idea for a jumbled up anthroplogie, shabby chic-y mantle and I threw all my ideas up on the mantle.  I was going to leave them up there for a day, then mess around with the ideas that came to me.  But then people that have much better taste than me kept coming over telling me that it looked so cute.  Score.  I left it and I really like it.  But there is one. little. problem.  I'll just let you take a look and see if you can find it.
Yep.  You're quick.  You got it.  It's the deer head.  How in the name of all that is holy am I supposed to fit that into my style?  Especially when my style is already hanging on a thread, people.  And I bet I can hear you now.  Amanda, it's just a deer head.  Oh, dear friends.  If only that were the case. Take a gander at the adjacent wall.

And the play room. 

And the freezer in the garage that has TWO dead ducks in it, feathers and all, waiting to be stuffed and displayed somewhere in my house.
So you see my dilemna.  They're everywhere, people.  EVERYWHERE!!!  And I try, Lord knows I try, to incorporate them, but it's near impossible.  The minute you hang one you go from Pottery Barn to actual barn.  I'm debating on just doing it, scrapping my whole entire plan for the living room. I'll just get a Cabela's catalog and order all the camoflauge furniture they have and call it a day.  Not really, of course.  But if just one of you will come to my house and decorate it in a style I love and include the stuffed animals, I will pay you money.  Real money. 
And just so you know I'm not knocking the country life.  Really, I'm not.  I understand it, embrace it, even.  I love eating food that has never, ever been frozen.  And in some ways I feel bad for people that believe grocery stores offer "fresh meat."  But why, oh why, must we hang the dead animals on our walls? 

Oh, and feel free to comment about anything in this post.  Come on, you know you wanna...

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  1. hang them in the play room. Or in the quest room. I mean, what is better than letting your guests be completely freaked out and WANT to sleep on the old youth couch?!

    But really. You are a much better woman than I. They'd ALL be in the garage. AKA: Man Cave. Right about his friggin' tool box. Yes, the big HUGE, RED tool box. sigh.


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