Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well folks, here it is.  My first resolution check of 2011.  You can see I slipped up a little on the first month, but I have 11 more to go so I'm not worried one little bit.

1. Make something and give it away once a month.   I finished up some Christmas presents in early January and made some amazing (thank you Neely family) banana nut bread for the fire station.   For February I'm going to try to make something for someone other than the fire station.  That's too easy of an out- they like anything food related.  And since the whole point was to not be so self absorbed and think of others, taking the easy way out bugs me.

2. Learn to knit and/or crochet.  Hmm.. I didn't do this one at all.  Maybe if I made several items throughout the warmer months, I could prepare for the winter months. 

3. Work out 3 or 4 days a week. I started C25K and promptly quite a week in.  I suck at this.

4. Get our pictures into scrapbook/albums. Nope.

5. Contact every immediate family member on their birthday. Yes, but January was just TJ.

6. Continue losing weight until I reach/go beyond my goal then maintain my goal for the remainder of the year. I hit a MAJOR goal of mine.  Reunited (with a certain #) and it feels so good.

7. Enroll Faith in some kind of MDO. She's on the waiting list.  And we're putting her in gymnastics in the mean time so she can learn to take direction from other adults, play with kiddos, and get some different kinds of exercise in.

8. Read more. I mean, I’m an adult and adults read, right? Read The Hunger Games trio and LOVED them all!  I'm working on a book for a bible study I'm going to be a part of.

9. Engage somehow (read Bible, journal, sing praise, etc.) with Christ on a daily basis. There's really no way to gauge this, to see how well I'm really doing.  I'm trying though.  And I believe God honors that.

10. Scout out and purchase some kickin’ furniture for our living room. My couponing endeavors are supposed to be yielding the money for furniture and they are, but I'm wondering about this one.  Maybe I shouldn't worry about furniture so much.  Maybe I should spend the money on more important things.  Or maybe I should just give myself a little leeway and go shopping around for something things I love.  I'm not sure. 

Okay, that's the run down.  Not particularly exciting, but a good way for me to document my journey.

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