Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An Open Journal Entry

I never knew in my life that a house would need more attention that the three inhabitants combined.  If its not our puny lawn, its the lack of fence.  If its not the lack of fence, its the ants.  If its not the ants, its the ill-kept Mustang in the garage calling our names.  If its not the Mustang, its the flower beds.  If its not the flower bed... you get the picture.  

This, along with a loomy summer vacation to sunny Bosque Farms, New Mexico (a smidge of sarcasm detected) has created a frenzy in the Aragon household.  We want to make everything work, I WANT TO MAKE  EVERYTHING WORK.  I'm getting consumed with it all.  I'm consuming myself with it all.

Let me back track a little...

TJ and I are very plan-oriented people. When we were going to get married, our five year plan, our buying a house plan, etc. Our house runs on a strict plan now- who's watching Faith what day, meal calendars, cleaning checklists (plans for sure, it never gets done), etc. This fits into our jobs quite nicely- TJ has his schedule a year in advance on a color-coded calendar for heaven's sake!  So when you're a planner, but you see a million things that need to be done and no possible way to plan them out you get consumed. 
And I don't want to be consumed.  I will not be consumed with stuff.  Because after all, its just grass.  And its just a fence.  And its just a friggin' flower bed.

God, family, church, work.  Nowhere on that list are things like lawncare, chainlink vs. wood panel, or frickin' frackin' petunias.  I will choose the more important. 

No, I will choose the most important.

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