Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No more pencils, no more books...

SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!  SCHOOL'S OUT FOREVER! Never, EVER in my life have I ever loved Alice Cooper more.  I could squeeze his cheeks and kiss his face.  Of course, then, I'd mess up his make up and we can't have that, now can we?

Summer, for me, means project time.  I have a million ideas running around in my head all school year of things I want to do.  I print them off or jot them down and put them in my "Dream Book."  I randomly go to thrift stores in search of items to use for my dream book ideas.  School's been out almost 2 weeks and these are the projects I've finished already:

My mom and I made 22 jars of strawberry jam.  I got half and gave away 10 of my 11.  I loved making it,but I loved giving it away more.

I made these cute paper flowers for our bathroom.  I got the frames at Goodwill for cheapo, covered cardboard with muslin and made flowers.   I think they're cute.  And if I don't like them in a couple of months, it doesn't matter because they cost $2.50.

I made this book page wreath for the mantle.  Don't fret, I am not related to Hitler and I don't burn or ruin books.  This is a book I rescued a long time ago only to realize about 1/4 of it was missing. 

I redid the mantle with windows.  I'm tolerating it right now.  I may put the bird pictures back up.  I'm unsure right now if I like it enough to keep it. 

I made this bow holder for the bathroom as well.  Faith's bow just get thrown in a basket and so we never really use them.  The day I put up the frame Faith saw it and kept saying "pretty" over and over.  I put a huge flower in  her hair and she wore it all night.

I made this corkboard to hang picture and notes on in the laundry room.  I know the A isn't exactly centered.  I spilled a big blob of black paint and had to strategically place the A to cover it.

I've actually made a few more things, but they're a surprise for my friend so I don't want to spoil it. 


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  1. i'm so impressed by your crafty-ness. these things are so cute! and i totally agree with you about the bows--in the drawer and never think to use them. i love the bow holder you did! it's not the typical 3 ribbons hanging straight down. surprise for friend? may i be in store for some of your treasures??? :) i'm going to come back sometime this summer to just hang out and want to spend some more time with you! when are y'all going to NM?


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