Sunday, May 30, 2010

Resolution Check- Garden Style

First things first- we are not just tilling up the ground getting ready to plant.  We're tilling in between the rows to aerate the soil.  Our plants are small still because we got them in the ground late.  But we already have a few teeny tiny tomatos and we're super excited about them! 
Also, we are also NOT organic gardeners. Don't give me the what for because you see the bug powder on the plants.  I know bugs need food too, but not the plants in the garden- they're for people.  I am, however, sharing my cherry plums and my mulberries with the birds so there.  Feel free to reject my tomatoes and life-changing pickles when I try to share if you're an organic, crunchy type of person.  It won't hurt my feelings.
I don't know why it looks like I've got bucky beaver teeth?!

I don't know why my butt looks so big... wait, yes I do. 

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