Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Few Tasty Tidbits

Here are a few little know facts about yours truly:

1. When TJ's not home on the weekends I sit around all day then stay up REALLY late cleaning up the huge mess the day has left. 
2. I really love being a country girl.  Do NOT tell my daddy.
3. I don't wear makeup because I don't know how to put it on.  And if I was rich I'd employ someone to come to my house and do my makeup and hair everyday before I went to work.
4. I make a menu for our house and buy groceries ONLY for the menu.  I hold the menu near and dear to my heart and get a little crazy if it somehow gets off kilter.  One time TJ used the wrong beans for a meal and I came unglued.  It was ugly.  Even my friend told me I was WAY outta line, but it was MY MENU!  I am not that crazy about it anymore, but don't push your luck.
5. I never make the bed.  EVER. EVER.  Over-rated and a waste of time.
6. I had to delete two games off my iPhone because I may or may not have been addicted to them. 
7. I kill ANY spider I see.  I do not give it two thoughts.  I don't really care if its good for flowers, the environment, etc.  They give me the heebies.  Anyway, TJ is arachnophobic so its really my wifely duty.
8.  I've only ever kissed one guy in my whole life.  And I still think he's the greatest ever.  The bunker pants don't hurt either.
9. Sometimes I fast forward to the end of one of the shows Faith likes so I can hear the song.  The Hotdog Song at the end of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is really fun to dance to!
10. I would employ the person in #3 to do my hair as well.  You know me.  No explanation needed.

Have a great day, folks!

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  1. G, obviously when he was itsy bitsy(ha!) would call Mickey Mouse "hot Dog" and do the arm thing when he would see mickey mouse...the.cutest.thing.ever.

    #1-daily occurance around here.

    #5-me either.


    P.S. Word Verification must die.


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