Monday, May 3, 2010

May Day

No one really celebrates May Day anymore.  I don't really remember talking about it at school when I was little either.  But since I'm a champion for the underdog holidays (I also celebrated National Grilled Cheese month, but who wouldn't, really?) we celebrated today in my class.  We made May flower baskets for our book buddies.  We snuck down our hallway, well, how sneaky can a line of 24 giggling 5 and 6 year olds be, to the big kid hall.  As we got closer one of my little ones whispered, " When do we start tiptoe-ing?"  I know, precious, right?  I had instructed them that when I knocked and hung our bags on the door that we needed to "scurry away."  I tiptoed up to their door, knocked, hung the bag, and turned around to my wide-eyed students and said, "Let's go!"  They couldn't hold it anymore.  They started laughing, yelling, and running away!  Around the hallway, through the bathrooms, they were OUT OF CONTROL!  They just couldn't handle their excitement anymore.  I just laughed and laughed!  They were so excited they just completely forgot any instructions I had given them.  I finally rounded them back up and started back down the hallway.  They were all wide-eyed and giggly as they got on their buses to go home.  I loved my job today!

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  1. I loved that day! By the way, this is Brandi but I forgot how to post this with myself signed in...


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