Friday, May 21, 2010

A Thankful Heart

I should be thankful.  I should be much more thankful than I am.  Mostly I complain and gripe about not having this or having to do that.  I wish the day away instead of living it.  This week a few things happened that have made me realize this and choose to be thankful. 

1.  TJ and I have instituted "porch time."  Every night after Faith goes to bed we sit on the back porch and hang out.  No, no DVR-ed Tosh.0, Deadliest Catch, or 19 Kids and Counting.  Just me and my beloved and iTunes.  If you could bottle contentement it would be sitting with my smokin' hot husband on the back porch. 

2.  Our wonderful friends and godsons came to visit us while they were in town.  Seriously l.o.v.e. those people.  Two of the most honest, real, down to earth people we know.  And they always choose to make time for us even when they've driven 8 hours to see their family.  We love them.  And their precious boys.  At one point I had our two godsons and Faith on my lap just cuddling.  I was in heaven.  And it made me a little baby crazy.  (The baby craziness may also be attributed to porch time with my smokin' hot husband.)

3. Today my class performed for their parents.  My classroom was chocked-full of principals, book buddies, parents, little brothers and sisters, and grandparents beaming with pride over their little ones.  I cried.  Twice.  Which is nothing new if you know me.  I love my job.  Even when its hard.  And this year its been hard.  I had daddys walk up to me with tears in their eyes, hug me, and thank me for what we accomplished together this year.  A bear hug from a grandpa.  A moma told me to kiss my baby for her.  And when the parents cleared out we just danced.  Danced our hearts out in my little corner of the world. 

A thankful heart prepares the way for the Lord.  Fall on me, Jesus. 

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  1. You guys are family to us. We wouldn't trust just anyone to love our children as their own. <3


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