Wednesday, May 18, 2011


SOS- Summer Of Sewing  
I might be a little over zealous, but I'm gearing up for a few summer projects I've been wanting to start since the first 9 weeks of school.  We'll see how far I get down the list in 2.5 months.

I really want to quilt because I'm 96 years old on the inside, but I'm not very patient at sewing yet.  A raw edge quilt is just up my alley.
Anthro-inspired duvet cover for our bed?  Don't mind if I do.

Something to gather up run away toys and play food in the play room- but not in nesting form.

This skirt for Faith because I think it will be super cute layered with tights later on this year.  And just about everything else on this website.
And I loooove this chick's fabrics.  Everytime I look at them I see many new things.  My favorite is her Parisville line.  Plume is gorgeous too.

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