Saturday, June 4, 2011


The Aragon Life is a blast, but let's just be honest- we are certainly not "live life on the edge, just waiting to get caught, party people."  Sometimes I hate that about us.  Even before Faith, we weren't thrill seekers.  It's just not us, as much I would like it to be sometimes.  Just this week I was talking with TJ about when Faith gets older and how will we handle her rebellious stages and what if she drinks or does drugs or sneaks out or worse or ---juuuuuuust breeeeeeathe lady---.
Today was confirmed in my heart that she is in fact an Aragon to the core of her little heart.   TJ was out working in the yard and I went out to talk to him for a minute.  When I came back in she was nowhere to be found.  I mean, our house isn't that big, but when your husband tells you horror stories of toddlers drowning in mop buckets, YOU ARE ALWAYS ON EDGE.  I started pacing around the house looking for her and then I hear her little devious giggle.  So she was fine, oh crap... what has she dumped out, ingested, or torn to shreds.  That's when I found her in the bathroom committing her crime- brushing her teeth!  With two brushes, the little rebel!  Ha!  She really thought she was something too.  When I rounded the corner and found her,  I had to laugh myself because she really thought she was being sneaky. 
On one hand, I pray she doesn't rebel against us or God, but I know it's inevitable that she'll rebel in some way.  On the other hand, I hope she has an adventurous side that takes her on journeys I've never had the guts to go on.  Backpack across Europe, go to a college she really desires to go to where she might not know a soul, follow her dreams past what is probable.  And I always pray that she will feel comfortable telling me and her daddy her hopes and dreams and that we can encourage them in a way that is honoring for everyone. 
But for now...

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