Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One of Two

There are two people that I can really be myself around.  Two in the whole ding dang world people!!!!  One would be TJ and the other...Corrie.

She is my very best, best, best friend.  I cannot describe the relationship we have, but it is rivaled by NO OTHER relationship I've ever had or will ever have. Her birthday was last week.  And about, oh, 5 years ago I wrote this little book of memories about us and never gave it to her.  I didn't want her to think I stalked her, but now I don't care if she thinks that.  Here they are.  They probably won't make sense to anyone but us, but maybe you'll catch a glimpse of what true best friends look like through these tiny memories that make up the happiest days of my life.

The George Strait concert where we won the big karaoke contest and met the man himself. I really think we could make it big someday.

Me, you, and Amber lying on your bed just talking waiting on our “gentlemen callers” after a short weekend in Tulsa with Emily. We looked through your clothes and I just loved that so much.

Riding bicycles around Norman.  My freakin' wrecking my bicycle on one of our night rides to OU and we just kept going.  By the time we got there, there was blood all the way down my leg.

Remember when TJ and Brent were playing tennis at OU and we were sitting on the sidelines talking and the bugs were eating us alive and we still just talked and talked and talked all night.

Remember when we were at Marble Slab and you knew it was Cheesecake and you wanted Sweet Cream. I love a girl who knows her ice cream flavors.

Remember when we went to the park and had a picnic when you first got Chapel and we ate chicken and potato wedges and talked to the lady with the fancy llasas who spoke with a British accent.

Remember when we went to Tarahumara’s to eat dinner and you told me you guys got the house and you said, “And God is working things out because we’re expecting a baby.” And we started crying and laughing. And it was good. And then we watched them make my chimichanga on the TV screen.

Remember when we went to Tonkawa to see Emily and she was talking about this great little diner and then took us to the E-Coli Cafe and it was so nasty and those girls were there and that guy and…boy, that was weird.

Oh, and remember when we were in line to graduate and those people asked you to take that group pic and your main squeeze, John McCain was coming through and their camera wouldn’t work and you were getting so mad. That was so funny for two reasons 1)because you were obviously wanting to quit, but the people didn’t care and 2) because you told me you wanted to walk up to him and said I love what you’ve done with so-and-so policy.” It was then that I knew you’re were going to rock whenever you get the dream job and you’re going to have someone come up to you one day and say “Mrs. Roberts, I love what you’ve done with so-and-so policy.”

Remember when we came over to you guys’ apartment (it was almost right after you got married) and we sat out on your little porch and talked about girlie things. And I thought, “I can’t believe I actually have a friend and that she’s this cool.” I learned a lot about you that night.

Remember then first night we came over and the electricity was out and you guys had like a jillion candles lit. I thought, “Geez, did we come over for a séance or something?” Not really. I actually thought “they must have gotten a lot of candles for wedding presents.”

You know how you never order the same things as others, even if you really want that? That cracks me up!

Remember when we realized that we’ve never gotten in a fight. Do you think it’s because we cherish this so much and know it’s just not natural.

Remember when TJ and I were going to New Mexico and you and Brent made us a care package and set it on our door step. That was so thoughtful.

Remember when I was texting you all the way from Santa Fe. I wanted you to come down there and get me.

Remember when your family invited me over for dinner. We were at the table and your dad looked at me and said, “Do you want the bread?” I said, “No.” Then he said, “Then wudda you lookin at?” I laugh, and am still laughing about that. I just think it’s so funny. I just love your dad.

I wish that I could be like your family. That my brothers and sisters would rather die than miss one choir performance or drive 45 minutes just to spend the day with my aunt and cousin. I just love that about you. I just do. I wish that for my family. And I’m glad you’ve extended that love to me. Thank you for that. If nothing else, thank you for that.

Remember when we would go to weight watchers, then go out to eat afterwards. You’re kidding me, right?

Remember when you guys moved to the house on Haddock and we were worried about not staying friends. Boy, that seems crazy now.

Oh, one of my favorites. We went to the doctor and heard Brendle’s heartbeat. I thought, “Wow, it’s so beautiful that I get to share in this moment. And that this baby has such a beautiful family to be born into.”

When we would go over to Brent’s apartment when he lived in the Charleston’s and would go in his room and all of us would just talk and laugh and giggle all night. I loved those times.

I remember the day after you and Brent’s first date when we met at Fazoli’s and talked about it. It was a great time. And we saw Jason and I thought, “Ha ha. I’m sharing this moment with her.”

Tuesdays with Corrie.

Having those special days when I would get on the bus and see you when we were poor and forced to ride public transportation to OU. It would actually change the rest of my day.

Remember when I saw Brent at OU and you had walked home in your cowboy boots and he had walked to OU to meet you. You guys had just been married like a month and were going to the State Fair. I just thought that was so great.

I remember coming to the hospital to see you after Brendle was born. I walked in and you said, “Don’t EVER let TJ touch you again!” You might have been too drugged to remember, but you just cried and I cried and I wanted to make everything better for you, but I couldn’t. Then you and your amazing husband actually allowed us to go and see your perfect little one in NICU. And I prayed, Jesus, I know Brendle’s going to be fine. She has the greatest family ever. I pray for Corrie. She needs your compassion. I learned so much about strength from watching you through those days.

Remember when I was too scared to ride a bike and you helped me. I know you just wanted to say, “Suck it up, you baby!” but you didn’t. Wow, I didn’t realize how great you were til just now.

Remember when we went on our first camping trip. That was so great. It’s never been rivaled and, unfortunately for us, probably never will be.

Remember when we went to Chelino’s for the first time in Bricktown, then we started going to all Mexican restaurants in the greater Oklahoma city area. I still think we could write a monthly (or even bi-weekly) newsletter.

Remember when you came to my apartment and told me you were getting married.

Remember when I told you I was getting married and we screamed through the church parking lot.

Remember when we went to the Cross Canadian Ragweed concert and were drinking lemonade and Suzy thought we were drinking a beer and you were pregnant. She left all our stuff completely alone in a huge crowd and stomped over to us and it was still just lemonade. Then we saw people with a crack pipe. Cross Canadian Ragweed- they’re rockers.

Remember all the mission trips.

Remember on our trip to Canada when the worst thing we did was wear flip flops when we weren’t supposed to and thought we were so bad.

Remember when I met you and told you my name is Jolene and you called me Jolene half the night. Ha, that was funny.

Oh, I remember the first lock-in at church and we were sitting by the kitchen and laughing so hard about your cows and how they would “dance” when the bus stopped to pick you up.

I love the fall festival. The witches brew and the scary movies. I remember the first one. I could barely sleep that night because those people on Wrong Turn. You’re the only one who can get me to watch scary movies. I know you go easy on me, but I still like to think of myself as a daredevil on the night of the fall festival.

For like two years, just you, me, and Brent would get together and watch The Grinch. That was our tradition. TJ’s lucky we ever let him in.

Remember when we made gingerbread men and decorated them like the four of us. We could be famous bakers, if we wanted to anyway.

We love ANTM! Remember when Shandi almost won. Remember when Lisa should have won? Yeah, I said it. Lisa got robbed.

My bachelorette party.

Your bachelorette party.

You know that song you sing with all the books in the Bible? That’s a good song.

Remember when we saw the Sober Boaters in Bricktown and we thought we’d found the next big thing.

(There were actually a ton more, but I didn't want to incriminate anyone!:)
Corrie, I love you with all my heart.  You have been, are, and will be one of the most special people in my life.

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  1. AMANDA!!! I love it!!! How special you've made me feel! You've always made me feel cherished. Thank you for that and for capturing all of these memories in your blog and bringing them to mind. In the dark, accompanied by Brent's snoring, my belly was shaking like a bowl full of jelly, quieting laughter and tears as I read. We were brainstorming today what we wanted to do this weekend and my wish was the Aragons!!! I love you, Amanda and those times with you and our friendship is so dear to me!


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