Monday, May 9, 2011

Resolution Check (Alternative Title: When the Fit Hits the Shan)

Dear, dear friends.  Please be gentle with me.  My resolutions aren't going so well.  In fact, they're going horribly.  I, like always, have big plans in the works to make them happen, but somehow I keep spinning my tires.  Probably a heaping helping of laziness, actual exhaustion, aaaaand I think my give a dang might be busted.  I think I even missed a month of posting my resolution check.  I can't imagine why... maybe public humiliation will get my butt in gear!

1.  Make something and give it away once a month. I'm still stuck on food.  Making food for people's birthdays, etc.

2. Learn to knit and/or crochet. Saving it for fall/winter.
3. Work out 3 or 4 days a week. FAILURE... so far.  But like I said, I have plans.

4. Get our pictures into scrapbook/albums. Summer project.

5. Contact every immediate family member on their birthday. I missed one, gosh dangit!  I knew that was going to happen.  My nephew Blake, went uncontacted by me on his birthday.  I am super hacked about this one.
6. Continue losing weight until I reach/go beyond my goal then maintain my goal for the remainder of the year. I have gained back a few pounds, but I'm still looking at between a 25 and 30 lb loss total.  I've set another goal to be at by the time I get back to school next fall.

7. Enroll Faith in some kind of MDO. Probably the only resolution I feel good about.  Faith is doing so great and she loves school.

8. Read more. I mean, I’m an adult and adults read, right? I've been reading through a Bible Study that I was a part of with a friend's church.  God worked in that book people.  Good stuff. 

9. Engage somehow (read Bible, journal, sing praise, etc.) with Christ on a daily basis. This is not a failure, more like a semi-success.  I feel more in tune with Jesus than I have in a long time.  God is good.

10. Scout out and purchase some kickin’ furniture for our living room. I put this on the backburner on purpose until I get my priorities straight.  I am decorating with items I already bought that I love and I have alot to do in that department.

11. Drink more water than DDP. Failure.  But I have a plan. 

So there it is.  See why I didn't want to post, it's not even fun to read when there's no plus side whatsoever.  But it's truth so there you have it.

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