Saturday, May 14, 2011

"REAL" church

When you don't go to a traditional church, people have a lot of opinions about it.  You hear "I did that once when I got hurt by a church, but not anymore" or "You don't go to a REAL church?"  It's a little frustrating, especially when you're sifting through your own thoughts and struggles.  TJ and I love our church, but I'll admit there are so many times when we've struggled with missing the activities that come along with those so-called "real" churches.  When I see my friends videos of their children singing in the Christmas cantata I cry sometimes.  When Faith didn't get to hunt eggs at a big Easter egg hunt with her church friends a few weeks ago, I was super bummed.  Knowing that she doesn't have a "Sunday School" class sometimes just bugs me.  I know, those things seem petty, but I was raised in those things.  They were big deals to me. 
But I was reminded this week of why I love our church, which IS real by the way. I was with a group of women (from all kinds of churches and I'm not knocking their churches) and we were talking about getting together once or twice a month for Bible study.  We were talking about how we would absolutely have to have some sort of child care because some of us are single parents.  I chimed in and said, "well at my church it's just part of your job of being in our family to take a turn caring for the children.  Everyone has a turn to love on everyone's kids."  I was so pumped because it was such an obviously great idea.  Or not. Some women didn't think it was their job because they don't have kids coming.  Some said that the kids were the wrong age for them to work with.  I was in shock.  So I answered their questions and explained that from teens to elderly at our church, everyone has the blessing of taking their turn to love on and teach someone else's most prized possession.  My friend even suggested just putting in a movie and snacks on your night if you're not comfortable with little ones.  Still no applause from the audience.  Go figure. 
I am so thankful that my church is a family.  I'm grateful that each person sees enough worth in my daughter to spend time, even sacrifice time, to show her God's love.  I repeat, I am NOT knocking the churches of those women.  It just reminded me that while Faith might be missing out on some of the activities of a traditional church, I am grateful for what our church values and teaches.

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