Saturday, April 30, 2011

Something's Gotta Give

That is how I've felt lately.  It's not that I'm too busy or have too much on my plate, it's just that I've been choosing to focus on different things right now. I've been trying to look past good to what's best.  God's been shining some light on a few areas in my life that just weren't that pretty. 
One being my obsession with getting my house to look like some sort of showroom that is nonexistent exept in magazines and catalogs.  I know I'm not the only girl in the world that has gotten caught up in cute little blogs where these people design on a dime, create from crap, or repurpose from recycle-ables.   I would cruise blogs daily looking for ideas and TJ and I got in some "heated debates" about money and time I was spending on the computer regarding the house decorating.  Everytime someone changed their mantle or made a new wreath out of some ridiculous recycled material I was pouting about how I couldn't do that and how I had such crap around my house. Blah, blah, blah. 
God showed me that it's good that I want my house to look nice, but it's best that I enjoy the people in my house and be grateful for my MANY MANY blessings.  So I gave away the money I'd been saving and stopped turning on my computer to check blogs.  Today is the first day I've been on my home computer in over a week and I'm only on here to print coupons and post this post.  I feel like a new woman.  Yes, I can still get annoyed when I think about the fact that I'm not a natural decorator and yes, I still want my friend (who is a natural) to come work her magic.  But I've moved on to the best thing.  And I can honestly say I haven't pined over the couch once for the past month. 
God is molding me.  Changing me.  It feels good.   It feels weird.  Because to tell you the truth for the past few years I've been a little unmoldable. 

In other non-lifechanging news:
-We got sod for the immediate front of our yard.  We're actually not the laughing stock of the neighborhood now.  And you would be surprised how many neighbors have started talking to us since then. :)
-We finally got our garden planted.  We went crazy again with the amount of plants we planted so hopefully we'll have a good crop to give away.
-Faith got in her first bit of trouble at school.  It turned out to be a big misunderstanding, but none the less there was a baggy of hair from another child's head with Faith's DNA on it.  And I cried like a little baby.  But we're over it now.  Kinda.
-20 days left of school.  My class is amazing this year and I WILL cry the last day.
- I'm still couponing and I've saved so much friggin' money on groceries.  If you are thinking about trying your hand at it, I recommend  She spells everything out for you. 
- My resolutions aren't going as well as last years.  I'm sad to even post about them.  We'll see if I can bring myself to type of my list of failures another day. 


  1. You are amazing and you handle EVERYTHING with such grace, dignity and calm. I envy that. I am not that person. I'll be there the beginning of June, you guys need to come swim at the IL's?! Miss your smiling face!

  2. Ooooh, Amanda. Don't I have you fooled! :)

    I can't wait til June to see you and the boys.


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