Friday, April 1, 2011


Faith's vocabulary is ridiculous.  She says the craziest things sometimes.  Here are a few:

1. Her favorite foods are prefixed with the adjective Oklahoma, or in her words, "Opi-homa."  For example, "Can I have some Opihoma yogurt, peez?"  Or maybe "Opihoma cereal" is more your style.  Maybe "Opihoma juice" is what you're really jonesin' for.  The hardest part to figure out is what she's referring to.  On any given day Opihoma cereal can be one of the five kinds of cereal in the pantry.  She changes at her own discretion. And looks at YOU like you've lost YOUR marbles if you get out the un-Opihoma cereal. 

2.  Yesterday as she got off her little potty chair she announced, "My bottom hurts.  Mommy, can you put some butter on it?"

3. While eating dinner she was rattling off some menagerie about her food.  I jokingly looked at her and asked, "WHAT language are you speaking, little girl?"  Disgustedly she looked at me and, as serious as can be, answered, "English."

4. My mom was leaving Thursday afternoon when I got home from work and told Faith that she'd see her tomorrow.  Faith looked at her happily and said, " You come and see me tomor- you come and see me Friday!" 

5.  "No problem."  As in "Daddy friend Daniel come to my house? No problem."  or "I have my hair like Mover Scott? No problem!"  Ummm, yeah.  That IS a problem.

6.  She has a healthy obsession with all things "cowhand."  Your house might say cowboy, but not at the Aragon house.  She had a cowboy day at school and TJ's parents decked Faith out in all the essentials.  Immediately when she tried her cowboy hat on at the store she began running around in boots and hat singing, "I'm a old cowhand from the Rio Grande...."  She loves her cowhand hat, her cowhand boots, and her cowhand belt.  God help us.  We're country, not cowboy.  I mean, cowhand.

7.  She loves to be "sneaky."  The problem is when she tells you "let's be sneaky" and begins her attack she contorts her face to only one a mother would love.   

8.  She is slowly growing out of this phase, but for quite a while the old school Willy Wonka was her FAVORITE movie.  We seriously watched it over 100 times!  Then for a week or so (in the middle of the obsession) she would repeat this little conversation to herself, us, anyone who would listen. 
"Could I buy some golden tickets at  store? Hmmmm.  I know. I go at store tomorrow?  I go at store tomorrrroooowww!" Watch and fall in love with her. 
(Sidenote: her hair was just pulled up to get it out of her face.  She is not a Who in training.)

EDIT- This morning she woke up early and in an attempt to gain a few more minutes of rest I told her she could watch cartoons in bed with me.  She went back into her room and got her penguin and bunny stuffed animals.  Then she ran back in her room and grabbed her most prized posession- her "cozy."  She ran back to me, tossed it at me, and said, "Here mommy, it's your lucky day!"

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