Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The First

Okay, I said I was going to dedicate a post to this.  Here it goes...

We knew Faith needed to start some sort of preschool-type program.  She is really bright and verbal, but her social skills were lacking a bit since we just don't go to that many places where she can interact with kids. I know, rip me for not making playdates or going to a huge church with Sunday School and extended session.  Whatever.  We are who we are.  And we go to church where we go.  But I digress.  We knew it was getting bad when she would beg to go play at the mall and be excited, but then would hide and cry when we got there.  Seriously, it would be over an hour round trip to the mall and she wouldn't even step into the play area.  Now, I know the mall play area can be overwhelming, but she would ask to go and then didn't know how to interact with the kids there.   
There were a few problems with finding a place though- I'm picky aaaaand I'm picky.  I wanted her teacher to have a degree in early childhood education, love Jesus, and we wanted to be able to afford it.  Not so easy to find these days.  TJ was given the task of calling around on his days off and found out a local church had an opening.  He was sold when he talked to the lady on the phone and basically signed her up before I could say no.  We went in to walk Faith around the week before she started and I was seriously freaking out.  Then we met her teacher, Ms. Andrea.  She is just kindness bottled up in a jar.  She is from our town, she loves Jesus, and she has a degree in early childhood education.  She loves her job, I can tell a teacher that doesn't love their job from a mile away, and she really loves my baby.  She gave us her cell phone number that day and texts us pictures of Sis playing while she's at school. 
Faith's first day was pretty uneventful as far as first days of school go in my book.  A little crying from her, a little crying from me.  TJ and I spent the day together keeping each other from texting Andrea.  She got a little first day of school report card and it said she did great.  There was one little hiccup- she wouldn't go to the bathroom at all that day.  Her teacher knew she had to go so when Faith shuffled in the open door she thought Faith was finally going to go.  Well, she wasn't.  When she walked over to look in the door Faith was playing with the plunger getting toilet water everywhere.  Then she peed her pants.  Oh well, it could've been worse.  And another one of my major concerns- making friends.  She did make friends.  A little girl she holds hands with during the day and talks about at home.  Thank you, Jesus.
The one negative aspect- she's missed three days already because of sickness.  And you don't get your tuition back when you're home sick.  Grrr...

Here is a picture of her on the first day.  I downloaded the wrong picture so she isn't smiling. And my computer is being oddly slow so it is what it is. See her new school bag?  Cute, huh?  I wish I could claim that I made it, but I didn't.  I got it at An Affair of the Heart craft show.


  1. Is this your fireplace? It looks just like mine. I bet yours doesn't stick out into the room too much though. Hmmmm.

  2. That is indeed my fireplace. It is a corner fireplace. There's mantle picture somewhere on here that shows the whole thing.


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