Thursday, March 17, 2011


Okay, our family has been under some weird sickness funk/attack/craziness for oh, THE PAST MONTH.  It first started with Faith.  She had waves of sickness over 2 or 3 weeks, ending with a trip to the ER and us feeling like the worst parents in the frickin' world.  Yes, we were in touch with our doctor prior to the ER trip and we were doing every dang thang he told us to.  And we STILL ended up in the ER.  
The day after, THE DAY AFTER, Faith finishes her antibiotics and is fever free I start getting really nauseous and have the worst headache I've ever had in my life.  I'd been having headaches for the past month and attributed them to my wisdom teeth needing to be extracted, but this was something different.  I spent the ENTIRE weekend in bed and ended up crying in my doctor's office Monday morning.  "Stress induced migraines," she says.  If I hadn't had been in such pain and crying, I would have laughed.  So I spent FIVE DAYS of my Spring Break in horrific pain because I can't manage my stress.  I mean, really? 
So I started adding up my "stress factors" because I wanted to see if my stress warranted this immense pain.  And I figured out, yes, I have stress.  Yes, it is a lot of stress.  Yes, more than some people have to deal with. BUT...
Others have much more than me.  And others can cope with their stress much more effectively than myself, obviously. 
I do not have the answer to that one.  I try to "cast all my cares upon Him"  but I STILL worry.  I try to let things go for health's sake, but I STILL worry.
I am going to be extra prepared.  Tomorrow I am going to work on my last day of Spring Break (of which I enjoyed one day! grrr!) to prepare for the entire next unit, not just one week.  I am going to clean up my room.  I am going to make an outline of how to complete the rest of the year's assessments.  THEN at least I won't stress about school.  I already plan and make weekly menus at home so that part of my life isn't so stressful.  I am going to work on keeping my house keeping up by working just 20 minutes each night after Faith goes to bed.  And I am going to give myself permission to let a few things go.  Because these frickin' headaches bite. And I cannot afford one more copay. 

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