Sunday, November 6, 2011

Resolutions? What Resolutions?

This is the real life story of a girl and her resolutions. Please do not shake your head sadly when you read these. I still have two months, right? Ha! 
1. Make something and give it away once a month. I honestly do not even know.  If I have, it hasn't been intentional. 
2. Learn to knit and/or crochet. This is my Thanksgiving break goal. 
3. Work out 3 or 4 days a week. FAILURE 
4. Get our pictures into scrapbook/albums. The hard drive on our computer died a painful death so now I'm just trying to gather up what pictures that I can and I've been pretty successful at finding all the ones of Faith since she's been born. 
5. Contact every immediate family member on their birthday. Actual success here. 
6. Continue losing weight until I reach/go beyond my goal then maintain my goal for the remainder of the year. This one I don't really want to talk about. As you can imagine I gained some this summer. I also decided that my give a dang was busted when the thing happened so I gained back a lot of the weight. I'm working on it again, but I won't even begin to consider this a success until I get back down to where I was before. Then I'll work from there. 
7. Enroll Faith in some kind of MDO. We love our school. We love our teachers. Ms. Andrea is the only teacher I've ever met that you can see at Sam's Club and she kisses my baby and tells her she loves her. 
8. Read more. I've read a lot of books than I was reading. And I'm in a book club. This is just a funny aside- I was talking to a woman this week telling her how one of the only resolutions I'd kept was reading more and she said her too. That her goal had been 100 a year and she was going to make it. I felt about an inch tall. I've read maybe 10. Every person's victory is different huh? :) 
9. Engage somehow (read Bible, journal, sing praise, etc.) with Christ on a daily basis. Fail, and it shows. 
10. Scout out and purchase some kickin’ furniture for our living room. Found a sectional for $50 on Craiglist! $50!!!! It's red, but we're going to recover it. Total it will be about $150 and I'm hoping to have it done before the first of the year. Next goal- large square ottoman or coffee table.

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