Friday, January 21, 2011

Warning- Potty Training Post!

Can I get a round of applause for the little girl that lives with us? 
She is officially potty trained!  And in one single soliltary week, I tell you!
I had planned to potty train Faith over Christmas break, but I foolishly let someone talk me out of it.  They told me she was too young and that it wouldn't work and blah, blah, blah.  And being the young mother that I am I decided to listen to the nitwit.   After we started back into school I regretted listening to the lady because Faith was showing all the signs of being ready.  She would tell us when she needed to go, she knew to go to the bathroom, and had successfully gone #1 and #2 on occasion.  I knew we had to get it done while the getting was good.  So I took my 3 day weekend last week to do "Potty Training in Less Than A Day!"
First of all, I saw HA! to the "less than a day" part.  Maybe with a less strong-willed child, but Faith was not having some of the practices they recommend.  She would go boneless on the second or third time of practicing getting to the bathroom quickly and TJ and I just couldn't force her to practice it anymore.  We also did switch back to diapers at sleep time, now just overnight.  Faith was waking up from naps so sad because she'd had an accident.  I felt so bad for her, she kept telling us sorry eventhough we told her it was okay and she was just learning.  We couldn't handle her being so pitiful and thought it was sending a message for her to be perfect at something she was just learning.  NOT okay with me.
It was annoying and frusturaing at times.  We gave her too many M&Ms the first day as rewards and she woke up with a killer stomach ache.   We sometimes woudl forget to set the timer and she would run to the playroom and pee on the floor or on her stuffed animals.  Or on my paperwork.  At any rate, we trained the whole three day weekend and she's doing great.  We've gone to restaurants, shopping around town, school events, and church with no accidents.  She has accidents at home occasionally, but only wears a diaper over night now.  Today she even woke up out of her nap to go "pee pee." 
Let me tell you, getting the supplies for potty training is an annoyance.  We bought 3 packages of panties, a plastic sheet cover, and a child potty and it cost a pretty penny.  But it pales in comparison to having to buy diapers and worse, CHANGE THEM, when your child's excrement could rival a man in his 50's.
If you're in the market for a potty training technique, I would consider reading this blog post.  TJ and I did not buy the actual book because of this post. Good luck!

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