Friday, January 14, 2011

Coupons and OU Royalty

I've been inspired to try my hand at couponing for the following reasons:
1. I blog stalk this girl (yes, I stalk you. sorry.) and she is around my age and coupons very successfully.
2. I want to buy furninture for my living room and REFUSE to put it on credit.
3. My friend at school does it and she saves crazy money.
4. It's my little way of sticking it to the man.

Let me tell you that I'm a dork about this couponing business.  And I don't really mind it so much because the girls I work with are too and we love being dorks together, Money-saving dorks, that is.  We got together today and made our little envelopes and got our buckets ready to go shopping and went on our way to save the big bucks.
So tonight was my night to go out and buy the whole shebang of groceries.  It ended up that TJ is working at the firestation and so Faith had to come along with me.  I was going to try to go tomorrow (my usual shopping day) without her the first time, but we are potty training tomorrow hard core and I didn't want to leave TJ flying solo.   She was wonderful and I love taking her along, but she was sitting right where my coupon box was supposed to go.  (Yes, I have a coupon box.  I told you I was a dork about it.)  So I was juggling coupons, shopping lists, and Faith's granola bar trying to save the most money possible.  I guess I was blocking the entire aisle with my shenanigans because a guy said "excuse me."  I let him through not paying much attention, but when I looked over it was Sam Bradford.  Did you hear me? SAM FRIGGIN' BRADFORD!!!!!
I will be honest.  I got flustered and a smidge twitterpated.  He's hot, he's a pro football player, and I'm in a CAT hoodie with a handful of tampon coupons in my hand! Kill me!!!!  I kept glancing over trying to decide if I should politely ask him to take a picture with Faith for TJ.  I decided against it because I honestly just didn't want to get that close to him looking like a ragamuffin.  I got ahold of myself and walked over to the checkout line.  I had all my groceries scanned and guess who gets in line behind me? Sam Bradford.  DID YOU HEAR ME THIS TIME?  SAM "I'M SO DANG HOT" BRADFORD!!!!!  I seriously was so embarassed I thought I would die.  My armpits started itching, I felt myself getting red and my hands started shaking.  Some of my coupons weren't scanning and I wanted to say something, but I was so embarassed I couldn't say a word.  Here I am, my one chance to see Sam Bradford and I'm standing there with my coupon box! KILL ME, I SAY! KILL ME!
I'm not saying that I expected him to grab me in an embrace, tell me to leave my husband and ask me run away with him.  But the one time in your life you get to see him you would at least like him to be a normal guy, do the scan over, and not want to gag.  Or worse, think your Friday evenings consist of couponing.  Even if your Friday nights do consist of couponing. 

So that was my first official coupon shopping trip.  I don't think I even saved enough to be a "success."  It would have been at least $5 more if I would have asked the guy about the unscanned coupons, but I just couldn't do it.  Not with a millionaire on my heels in line. TJ said I should've just played it the whole way and acted dirt poor and maybe he would've picked up my entire ticket.  Ha!


  1. Teach me to coupon! I love to save. p.s. i just imagined that you had an unused coupon for the very item Sam Bradford was buying, so you offered it to him. He returned the favor with season tickets and a signed jersey. We can dream, right?

  2. This post is seriously awesome! It's made my whole day. Of course, I'm completely jealous that you got to see Sam Bradford. Can you imagine if he'd been behind me and my 6 kids in line? I might have asked him to run away with me. LOL!

  3. so awesome!!! l.o.v.e. it!!! i feel like i was there with you, getting all twitterpated too!


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