Sunday, July 28, 2013

Morning Joy

Mornings are some the most joyous times in the Aragon Life.  Daddy's coming home from work, bearing stories, minty breath, and kisses for all.  And, occasionally, donuts.  Faith is ready for her breakfast and PBS and Silas is waiting at the rail of his crib for his morning love from his big sister.  I just love it. Sunbeams through the window, new fresh air waiting to be breathed in, dew on the grass, and smiles.

To me, each morning is like a mini New Year's Day.  You can wake up with new intentions, new ideas, and new goals to accomplish. Whatever ill was said yesterday is forgotten, all bad behavior has been washed away.

Breakfast. Shows. Walk. Playtime. Beautiful. Peaceful. Aaahhh.


This morning Faith told me she woke up early, but went back to sleep because she "found a good dream to dream and just dreamed it."

When she said it, it almost took my breath away with it's beauty.  She found a good dream to dream and just dreamed it. It made me want to run back to the bed and close my eyes and find one for myself.

Then I realized that standing in the kitchen with her this morning pouring her cereal, I was doing just that.  I am living some kind of wonderful dream.    And each morning I am reminded of that.  


Yes, it is life and it is messy and loud and unkind at times. Sometimes it feels like someone pressed the mute button only to find the sound had been turned up to 50 before they pressed it before. Silas poops every. friggin. morning within 30 minutes of waking up and Faith wants a gourmet breakfast she'll eat half of and the dishes didn't magically wash themselves like I had hoped.  And sometimes even by 9 I'm PRAYING for someone to just tell Sesame Street how to get there already because I need them HERE quieting my babies.  But that's just life and I'm convinced even Beth Moore's kids poop and Billy Graham's kids just had to have turned their nose up to his breakfast at least once.  So we're all in good company, right friends?

I'm learning to find the beauty in everyday, the quiet in the chaos. And sometimes the beauty in the chaos. 

We're starting school soon- Faith in PreK and me in my class and our mornings will be a new kind of joy.  Breakfast and getting dressed in "school clothes" and forgetting our backpacks, I'm sure. And this season will be over until May rolls around.  So I think I'll just go find a good dream to dream and just live it. 


  1. Love what Faith said about dreaming! Melts my heart!

  2. Love what Faith said about dreaming! Melts my heart!

    1. Kinda profound, huh? It melted me too!


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