Sunday, July 7, 2013

Let's Backtrack, Shall We?

Quiet Reflection
taken at our grandparents' pond, TX

A few nights ago I sat down and read my entire blog.  From the first post until now.  It was unsettling, to say the least.  And I came to a few conclusions:
1.  I started this blog at a very hard time in my life and I tend to write more when things are tough.  I guess it is kind of like a journal to me.
2.  Because of #1, I tend to look like an emotional psycho who only has fantastic or terrible times in life.
3.  Because of #2, gross.

Yes, I've had some incredibly hard times throughout the past 4 years or so.  But gosh, if you just read this blog, it would look like I've been suicidal and/or so happy I could flit every other week those for years.  That, thank God, is not the case. I want this to be a reflection of my life, not a book of lamentations.


I am going to "restart" this little blog of mine.  I am still going to journal.  A journal of that shares both struggles AND thankfulness for what I've been given.  Because I have a pretty great life and why shouldn't I share that?  Why shouldn't I share the beauty in my day to day instead of just the pain?

I'll start with a look at today.  We didn't get to go to church today because Sis had a fever so we just laid low at home all day.  It was nice to just stay in my pajamas and get to relax with them.  

I make our baby food and we have ventured into meats.  Guys, I don't mind making applesauce or even peas, but I was a little (read: A LOT) leery of what it would look like and smell like, but lo and behold, it smelled like chicken and looked like, well, chicken paste.  Mix it in with some carrot puree and pastina and HE LOVED IT!  I don't think I had the confidence as a new mother to try this with Sis, but Si Guy loves his homemade baby food and it saves us a bundle since he already eats like a linebacker!

Tomorrow we start swim lessons.  Just Sis. She tends to be anxious about new things, even when she is excited so today I was walking her through some of the scenarios that might happen and having her answer back, "I'll try" instead of one of her go-to responses like "I can't" or "I'm embarrassed."  We  were in the playroom and she got her hula hoop and said, "Pretend this hula hoop is the pool and pretend that, um, (sees stuffed cat and throws it into the hoop) this cat is my teacher." It made me laugh that she was making her cat be her teacher when there are umpteen dolls/Barbies/actions figures in that room, but hey- whatever works, right?

Lastly, this is my focus verse.  I made this and printed it off with our family's name at the top.  My goal is to eventually memorize it.  Because yes, I'd like my life to reflect all the great things that happen, but ultimately I want to be a reflection of God.

So, some news things are coming around the bend.  Please stayed tuned if you haven't given up on me yet and you never know, maybe some new people might stop by.

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