Thursday, December 30, 2010

December: Highs and Lows

A mom I used to go to church with said each night before she kisses her babies goodnight she asks them what their highs and lows for the day were- what was the best and worst part for them, personally.  Here are mine for the month of December.

We got our picures taken with TJ's sister and her family.  They turned out super sweet were great gifts for TJ's parents and grandparents.
Faith loved her guitar from Santa.  She actually told him that's what she wanted when we took her to see him.  She's been walking around singing "Wock and Woll City" (I have no idea where she got that) for days now.
Spending Christmas Day at the fire station was fun and felt like home to me.
Having my two best friends and their families over was a great night.  I just feel so comfortable with those two and always end up crying to them about things that really matter to me that I won't tell anyone else.
My baby turned TWO!  Her buggy birthday party was so much fun.
I've been out of school for two weeks and its been wonderful!
Fine tuning my resolutions list has been fun (and alot more work than last year.)
I turned 29 this month.  TJ took me to my favorite restaurant (he's totally addicted now and that was my plan all along) and for a little shopping.
TJ bought me a sewing machine for Christmas!  I've been sewing up a storm.  Next project- Anthro inspired duvet cover. 

I haven't weighed in at WW since Dec. 11th due to sick babies and holidays.  I haven't followed my diet each day since around Dec. 15th or so due to stress and a lack of will power.  My weigh in should just be wonderful tomorrow. 
I've been struggling with some major feelings of not being loved.  This probably is addressed a few posts ago, but its hard to give that to God daily.
I have to go back to work Monday.  I love teaching young children, but I love my child and sometimes feel like I'm really missing out on the day to day of her life.  It sucks.
Sometimes I feel like the people around me and their lives are imploding, therefore my life is imploding.  It makes me sad, angry, and occasionally I want to slap them.  I never do, but I want to.
Christmas makes me feel icky sometimes.  I try so hard to make it about Jesus and  giving to other people, but I still get wrapped up in the craziness of it all.  I think its probably because my anniversary, birthday, and Christmas are all within a month of each other.  I just get so much and by the end I've got a laundry list of "haven't gots" that I still want.  Yuck, huh? 

Think about your highs and lows this month and see what you come up with...

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