Thursday, August 19, 2010

Streams of consciousness

Today was the first day of school. My feet are aching.  And I'm blogging.  I should be working on my seating chart layouts and tweaking my lesson plans for tomorrow, but I need a minute to just be Amanda and not Mrs. Aragon.  But first I'll say today was wonderful.   Maybe the best first day I've had.  The little ones were delightful, everyone got on the right bus, and they loved The Kissing Hand. 

I feel like I have two (or three) personas in my head swimming around.  There's Mrs. Aragon, the teacher, the moma, and then Amanda.  I love them all, but some days it's really hard to be true to all three of them.  Of course, if you're a moma you know that the "just you" version of you fades into the background.  Someday you love it, some days you loathe it.  Then there's the whole stay at home mom vs. working mom debate.  Truthfully, I think everyone wants a piece of what they're not doing.  Kinda like the straight haired girls all want curls and the brunettes want to be blondes.  It seems the grass is always greener on the other side and I will admit that last night I cried like a little baby that I was leaving for work today and leaving Faith with someone else to watch after her.

There are only two resolutions I have done a really crappy job with- drinking less DDP and losing weight.  They're related, I'm sure.  In my defense I do drink A LOT more water, usually more water than DDP.  But the losing weight part has wholly sucked.  I'm teaming up with a friend at work and we've created a plan.  A secret plan.  A plan that's sure to work (cross your fingers) to make my final resolution come to fruition.   I'm sure pumped and it starts September 1st.  Look for a more slender version of me coming soon.  Because now I've said it out loud.  And I don't want to look like a big quitter so I have to stick with it.

Last night Faith fell out of her bed.  And not just fell out of her bed.  We woke up to her screaming last night.  TJ ran in and all he saw was her little feet- she had fallen in between her bed and her nightstand head first and was wedged in there!  How scary!!!!  She is fine, not even a bruise, but it was definitely one of those "hold your breath" moments.

I think thats it.  I cleared my mind and got it off my chest.  Now back to seating charts. 

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  1. i watched a stupid youtube on maggie's blog and ever since then our home computer won't let me look at some things and that includes your blog! i've got a lot of catching up to do! :)

    poor faith! i bet that was so scary and didn't help with her traumatic issues. how are those these days? is she sleeping better?


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