Thursday, August 5, 2010

Resolution Check

Here's the short version of my resolutions so far this year:

1. Guests at the house- had our best friends (Corrie and Brent, Emily and TJ) over and go to know the new TJ in our life, Emily's husband! So much fun to watch the girls play together.  I can't wait until Lundyn is here!  Here's a little back story- our house still doesn't feel like our home to me very much.  We've lived her almost a year, but it still seems like a rent house, almost. I'm trying to fill it with love, but I don't want to just fill it with furniture and call it good.  It's hard for me to find a balance.  Corrie's house (and the house she grew up in) makes you feel at home the minute you walk in.  When we lived in the Quorum when we were both newlyweds our apt looked like a dorm room and Corrie and Brent's made you wanna sit down and talk with friends.  Yesterday when Corrie came over she said that our house really felt like a home.  It made my heart happy. 
2. Guitar- we've been jamming a little.  Practicing just worshiping God with songs that flow out of my heart.  Awkward at first, but I've had some amazing time with God doing this.  And, I just found out our long time friend's dad owns a guitar shop in the next town over.  New strings?  Don't mind if I do.
3. Weight- I bought that really popular book, Women, Food, and God.  I'm not buying it.  But the author said "Alot of people won't buy into this" so I feel like I have to keep reading.  I don't want to be her stupid statistic.  While we're on the topic, I feel like this is going to be my downfall forever.  I have been chubby since I was like 2 years old.  Part of me knows that I'll be overweight no matter what so I don't ever care if I weight more than slightly overweight.  The other part of me knows I could stand to lose a substantial amount of weight and gets discouraged by that.  The other part of me wants to lose weight and do what it takes.  And the other part of me wants to eat chocolate cake.  I'm contemplating doing WW again, but I hated those meeting so much I don't wanna go there.  I'm at my pre-pregnancy weight which is good, but my pre pregnancy weight was a lot so that's not good.  And while I'm on this topic even more, chubby girls don't want to work out.  Ya know why? Because no one wants to be pitied while they're sweating like a dog on a treadmill.  Admit it- you see a little skinny chic working out and you think "wow, she's really in shape, pretty, hot, etc."  You see a chubby woman working out and you think "oh, poor thing." I could go on forever on this topic.  I wish I could just be happy in my skin.  But my skin ain't lookin' so hot, so there's that.  Whatever.  I'm over it.
4. Blog- yep.
5. Camera- trying, but its such a bitty of a camera. 
6. Lesson Plans- back to work next week.  I'm going to rock this one out.  I don't have a choice.  When you have a class of 25 5 year olds organization and planning is imperative.
7. Garden- amazing. wonderful. the best resolution ever. 
8. Hair- just got a cut a few weeks ago. I typically go to my sister in law to cut my hair (Shana at Finesse in Norman) but I freaked out right before our 10 year reunion and had to get my hair cut right then.  I went to Great Clips by Target and this girl did an awesome job.  And better yet, it only cost $15!!!  I've decided she's going to be my go between when I can't afford my sister, but need a trim.  Oh, this is a funny story that put me in my place.  The other day we were driving down the road and TJ lovingly embraced my head and said, "You're hair looks so nice.  You brushed it, huh?"  Ha!  I laughed and laughed, but I was offended a little on the inside. So I bought a new flat iron.  I think the one I had was the original patent product from the early 90s. Its not a her-styler from the mall, but its amazing.
9. Water- yep.
10. Decorate the Bedroom- yep.  We were thrown a little off track because we had to get Faith a new bed (that's an entirely different post) so we dove in head first and got her an awesome bedroom suite off of Craigslist.  She sleeps in a twin sized bed now.  Everytime I see her little body in it I die a little. Stop growing, little one.

I will say it again, I've never made resolutions before this year.  I feel like I'm doing well.  When school starts I know I'm going to have to work dilligently to continue blogging (although I'll have great new material with the crazy things kindergarteners say) but I'm hoping it will be a change of pace and new inspiration on the weight-loss journey. 

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