Friday, August 27, 2010

Blunder of My Life

 I lost my keys almost a month ago.  I actually have a post saved about losing them, but I kept typing cuss words so I thought I better just cool my jets and not post it. Here's the short version- one of my best friends was having her wedding reception.  I was the one putting together the days relaxation for her- pedis, lunch, then getting ready together while munching on little snacks.  I ran to the mall to check in with the nail salon and grab a cami for my dress.  I really only stopped in two stores, breezing through a few more asking if they had a certain cami then heading to the next shop. When I got ready to pay I realized my keys were gone.  I backtracked through the store so sure I would find them.  But they weren't there.  So I backtracked through the mall- for about TWO HOURS looking for them.  I was in a panic.  The silver lining was that the automatic key had fallen off the week before so I could get in and out of my car.  No problem- one quick call to my bestie and they were pulling through the parking lot to pick me up.  Day salvaged.  I smiled all day (on the inside freaking out that I had lost every key known to man including keys to my school.)  So the next day I called the mall security but still no keys.  I actually called them so many times they got short with me.  I was freaking out by then, but I had a few errands to run for TJ so out I head with TJ's keys to my car.  The day was going just fine until I got home.  The house key was on the side of TJ's keys he had kept- in OKC- at the fire station I had just driven to to take him homemade chocolate chip cookies.   Enter my moma- she had a set of house keys to our house and she brought them after a very long layover for me at Subway with a baby past her naptime. 
These kinds of situations have gone on continually for a month.  TJ and I had honestly almost forgot they were gone.  Yes, it was annoying, but bareable by this point.  Until Wednesday.  During our staff meeting our assistant principal announced she has a great story.  She proceeded to tell how the district office had called her and said there was a set of keys that Sooner Mall had traced back to my school district.  The keys were then traced back to my school.  They were then traced back to my room number.  I have no idea how all of that played out, but I am so thankful that someone decided to work so hard to get my keys back.

So the prodigal keys have returned! Bring the fatted calf.  We're having a party! 

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  1. the fatted calf! ha! i'm so glad they returned to you!


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