Thursday, January 2, 2014

Our People and My Cabinets

Remember a few posts ago when I said I had really disorganized cabinets? And remember how I told you to come over and look at them?  Well, I had a chance to put my money where my mouth was. (Is. Which is it?)

Sis turned 5 and we had a big party at our house for her.  We had our church pastor there, our friends, Faith's friends, family, and even the neighbors over.  I really tried to focus on making the day about the people and not stressing about my house and everything being in the proper place.  But I walked into the house and saw my husband and Faith's best friend's mom looking through our cabinets.  And everyone in the kitchen was watching them.  In disbelief. In disgust. In fear, I'm sure. Guys, it was like an Mt. Vesuvius of mismatched tupperware erupted and they were all standing in the wake! I stopped right in my tracks and just stood there with my chin hitting the floor.  I started making nervous comments about how disorganized they were and how I was having some sort of deja vu moment.  Everybody kept telling me that they weren't that bad.  (Yes, I have good friends that lie to me. Ha ha!) And maybe they're not.  But I know this- when everyone left I told TJ that I either need to 1)be okay with people seeing my cabinets like that or 2)organize the D#$% things! Well, that was a month ago and I have made no efforts to organize them so I guess I'm okay with you all seeing them like that. Unless you're OCD. Then don't put yourself through that kind of misery.

Speaking of Faith's party, I was completely overcome with thankfulness for our community of friends afterwards.  I just love our people.  I seriously get giddy thinking about how completely diverse they are and how they love our children so well and are so overwhelmingly wonderful to us Aragons that completely suck at being good friends. I love that we have one friend covered in tattoos talking to our opera singer friend next to our race car driving friend who is talking with our neighbor who is a 50-year-old student.  And don't forget our horse riding, harley riding pastor and his daughter that did horse rides for the kids. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  And then I walk in the house and there's kids playing everywhere and my family is all in there talking and having fun.  Pure bliss.  It, of course, got a little crazy when Faith knocked the opera singer's daughter's tooth out and busted her lip on the lawyer's daughter's head.  But whatevs. That's how we do a cowgirl party around here!

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