Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Journey to Thanksgiving- 3


I get the honor of reading the Bible story every night at bedtime.  A few nights ago we were reading with Faith out of Jesus Calling and we read the story of the Ten Lepers.   I try to take time to explain and really help her see these were real people that lived, not folk tales.  As we talked about the one leper that came back to thank Jesus, something new about that story hit me.

I don't fault the nine that didn't return, although Jesus was very concerned with their choice.  I cannot imagine the elation of knowing they were going to get to hold their babies again. Grab their wives by the face and feel their soft skin against their lips. Kiss their mother's cheeks and hug their fathers.  Maybe they were just as thankful as the one who paused, looked back, and just couldn't go on another step.  Turning back, he went and found Jesus and wept tears of thankfulnesses.  The first human contact he had in years were the feet of his Savior. And I think that's the real break though in offering daily thanks to Jesus.

We must pause, look back, and fully feel the heaviness what we've been given.  Weep tears of thankfulness.  Take time to put what we think is best aside and go to Jesus with a heartfelt thank you for- simply put- all of it.

The thing about the man that went back- he had an additional encounter with Jesus.  A man to man, man to God encounter.  And when we go back- voice thanks to Jesus- we are given encounters with Jesus that will come about in no other way.

Take time to thank Jesus today.  It might lead you on breathtaking journey.

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