Friday, December 2, 2011

The Book of Faith

I could write a book on my child.  She is quite a spirited one.  People would probably think I was lying, but if you've been around her, you know it's true.
-She has quite a vocabulary.  Many of the words she uses have no meaning to her, she just hears them somewhere and they are permanently embedded into her freakish memory.   She will say things are "awkward" or "annoying" just because someone on the Disney Channel said that.  After her telling me she didn't want to live with me anyone (thanks to Good Luck Charlie) we've cut out a lot of shows were were allowing her to watch because we semi-enjoyed them with her.  She will call you a "rotten codfish" or a "black hearted scoundrel" faster than you can come up with a response because she is, in fact, Peter Pan 75% of the time.
-The craziest one of all though came from her love of all shows Looney Tunes.  She keeps calling people----- brace yourself----- "silly puss!"  Is that not the most vile thing you've ever hear in your life?!?!  It makes me cringe every time she says it.  I don't want her to know it's bad because she IS the kind of kid that says things for the response, but on the other hand, I want her to quit saying it ASAP!  You try to explain to someone in Wal-Mart why your 3 year old daughter just called them a puss- not fun, people!
-The other day with the most serious face she looked at my mom and said "I just have to ask you one thing, Grandma.  Just when am I going to get my life back?"  Wow, Faith. I didn't realize nap was so tough on you. :)
She also says a few word so crazily I cannot pass up sharing them:
-Just recently we put up our Christmas decor and she was so pumped to find the "wiki natters."  Guys- she was talking about the nutcrackers and seriously was disgusted with me and TJ for calling them their actual name.
-She also pines for the day when she will be a "delote."  What is a delote, you ask?  Ummm, yeah, that would be an ADULT!

I think by the time she's a "delote and gets her life back" I'll have a head full of gray hair.

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